Hard Case: 7 Products and Trends to Look Forward to in 2010



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What I want out of Arandale is long battery life without the performance sacrifices you get in current Intel Core 2 low voltage parts. I’m not, however, particularly excited about what I’ve seen and heard about the next generation Intel integrated graphics.

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I don't know about "getting out now". I did and I'm still running an XP3200+ :(
The wife took everything and I'm not done paying her...still! If you can upgrade every two years, keep her!



its nice to know that there is only a select few geeeks that feel that there is no such thing as too much overhead. i cant wait to get the six core chip. i knew there was a reason i read maxpc!



about those hexacores...i am one of those three guys 


On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero. Chuck Palahniuk, FIght Club.

 Intel Q6600@3.2


Nvidia8800GTS 640MB




I think the Q6600 is still relevent. My Q6600 rig still blows through every game I throw at it (maybe the GTX 280 helps), and the slowest of the quad cores is still adequate for encoding/decoding, all sorts of media apps. I have still not been able to bust my system with even 3ds max 2009 rendering while I play battlefield heroes, or even build a full length dvd video. With fair ease I might add.



I'm with you on Gulftown.  My wife wouldn't let me upgrade my PC this year, so my admittedly aging Q6600 seems to be a pittance.  However, with 6 cores, I can talk her into my needing them--whether or not that true in any capacity.


Number Six

Your wife wouldn't let you?  Get out now before it's too late.

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