Hands-On: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Fallout: New Vegas



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hoping to have enough time to play it.



I love Fallout, Obisian, and Bethesda's games... the only thing is that I don't like Bethesda. Most games go down to $20 within a few months, even sooner with Steam deals, but it'll be forever before the game cheaps up.



Considering they're staffed with ex-Black Isle Studios members I should think they've got enough experience to make a Fallout game. Or better put another Fallout game. For anyone who may not know Obsidian was founded by former Black Isle Studios members, the studio who created Fallout.

Forgot to add that story elements from the original Fallout 3 (Google "Van Buren" if you want to read up on it) that was ditched by Interplay are being used in New Vegas. Oh and just read the game is using bits of music from Fallout 1 & 2.

The point is, you should mention Obsidian's pedigree because it gets sad dorks like me all worked up and giddy at New Vegas.

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