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God, I love it when games are made close to the reality. I've played Hitman with scenes in saint petersburg (Russia) and Call of Duty (also in Russia), and Stalker. ACII also made me not believe my eyes! I've compared to my personal memories from Venice, after that saw some pictures from there - the game is more beautiful than the real Venice!




Submitted by Venice hotels on March 15, 2004 - 1:45pm.


Bill the Cat

I hope that some day Ubisoft comes to their senses and removes the steaming pile of DRM that was dumped on this game. They cleaned up Far Cry 2 a while after it's initial release.... We can only hope they do it for AC2 as well at some point. I'd love to try this game.



I love history and this time period in particular seems fascinating.  For now I'll just have to take Tom's word on how cool this virtual 15th century world is though because I just can't justify giving my hard-earned cash to a company that supports the worst kind of DRM ever imagined.  And no, I won't be pirating your game either Ubisoft.  If I ever experience what AC2 has to offer it'll be paid for, but not until you do a 180 on the DRM front.



This article reminds me of why i chose the Tomb Raider series. The gameplay was decent, but the thing about most of the TR games was that it had some elements of mythology and stuff i never thought i would want to research later after finishing the games, like Egypt or other contries that Lara Croft may have visited.

i hope games keep the feel alive with new and semi-accurate locations, because i don't travel, but playing cool games like Assassin's Creed and Tomb Raider make me want to look up and learn more about those locations.



Glad 2 see they got those lil things thatmake agame grander than it already is...but that DRM=my money staying in my pocket...and I do buy games..ordered bad company 2 to reach me in jamaica soon enuff.. AC2 lil bro wants to continue the story from pt1 but FIRE!!!!



Sounds great and all, but I am not buying any single player game that requires an always on internet connection for DRM and keeps my saves on their server. Its not that I don't have an always on connection, or that I really care if they require activation or even phone-home periodcially. But if I lose internet, I can't save the game? Thats really the best DRM solution they could come up with??? Everyone should call UBI support daily and say I am playing AC2 on PC and my internet just went out, how can I save my progress?




What's a matter?  The great article boycotting ACII causing a little blow back so you guys have to print something positive now?  Wouldn't want to loose any add revenew now would we;)



Mr. McDonald doesn't work for MaxPC per se. So them printing an article here digitally that was in print on paper a month ago really isn't what you've made it out to be. His article was printed and read way before the big "to-do" about the DRM scheme ever came out.

His article is an actual review of the gameplay. Not the stupid ass DRM scheme that comes with the game. There's a difference. 

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