The Game Boy: Single-Player and Multiplayer -- Two Tastes That Go Great Together?



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Like the dungeons of World of Warcraft, you get a single player experience, that the last few levels have been striving towards. The Burning Crusade was basically level 10 times to learn the story, then work your way through the dungeons to take down Illidan Stormreaver, the leader of the Burning Legion.Newest one, Wrath of the Lich king, same basic idea, level 10 times, go through dungeons with your guild, and in the end take down the Scourge's leaders. So really we sorta have that function, in MMO's today, and nobody is a hero in this, since you need healers, tanks, and dps, you may do exceptionally better than your main healer some day for some reason, or take more aggro than the main tank, but still, no sole heroes. I like the idea, and hope it can become more prominent.

I don't like Microsoft, I associate with it.



I dunno, depends how you do it.

Fallout 3 the MMO? Probably wouldn't work

But Fallout Fortress 3 might, rember even Final Fantasy has more then one hero. Craft a MMO where your the Magnificent Seven and it can drive a story. Hell imagine a Team Shepard (Mass Effect) where each character is a player but one is a spacer, one is a war vet, one is a survivor...etc. IT works small scale just not "oh and there are 10,000 other heroes" Hell do it like Guild Wars. City are a MMO hub but outside the wall only your little pary exists.


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