The Game Boy: My Favorite Games of the Decade, Part Two



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"But really this is your list for the best of the DECADE?"

No, as the title clearly indicates, this was a list of his "Favorite Games of the Decade".



Why does everyone always rub it in! First MGS i played was MGS2; i loved it, (i had no preconceptions of what a metal gear game should be/who was solid snake), the mindf**k story and all.  But then some better games started coming out for the xbox so i traded in my ps2, and i NEVER GOT TO PLAY MGS3!!! *heartfelt sobs* 



the pokemon games might be some of the best handheld games, actually you don't have any handheld games on here? How about final fantasy x or xii? Ico? shadow of the collosus amazing game used every once of power the ps2 had it was a beautiful game. but I guess 10 years is a long time and there are a lot of games that were good a lot people forgot about



Good call on Fallout 3.  I've played the game to death.  You could snap a random screenshot pretty much anywhere in the Wasteland and I can tell you where it was taken, even some of the generic interior areas like metro stations.

Crackdown is sweet too.  You can juggle a body in the air with rockets, what more do you need?



The game of the decade. No contest.



I agree.

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