The Game Boy: My Favorite Games of the Decade, Part Two



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In no particular order, my 10 favorite PC games of all time:

Aces Over Europe


Links 2003

Grand Prix Legends

Total Annihilation

Quake 3

Rybka 3 (chess)

Desktop Tower Defense

Call of Duty: World at War

Warcraft II




No particular order:


Diablo II

World of Warcraft

Star Wars Galaxies (pre-hologrinding)



Not afraid to say Bejewled has been lots of fun over the years.  My epilepsy doesn't allow me to play FPSes, but I've never found them very interesting either, so no great loss IMO.  Far less time for gaming now w/kids too.





You know what? I did the EXACT same thing with my Dragon Age profile. I forgot to recieve Lelianna AND Sten in Lothering my first run through and I sat there wondering where I would find these guys half-way through the game. After finding out I skipped them, I deleted EVERYTHING post-Lothering and gave it another go. I do not regret any decision I've made dealing with deleting saved game files when it comes to DA:O.

I have played DA:O for countless hours. I cried. I sat there on my desk, the salty drops rolling down my chin onto the sweat-drenched keys of my saitek eclipse II keyboard and thought This is what life is about. I felt like Alistair, Lelianna, and even heartless Morrigan were right there and I could just reach out to my monitor and... touch them...


Alright, here's my top 10 and most played PC games of the decade in no particular order (except for Dragon Age because it is AWESOME)!

Dragon Age: Origins

Half-Life (1, 2, and all mods)

Age of Empires II (1999? I'll say it's 2000 X P)

Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast


Delta Force 

World of Warcraft

Battlefield 1942


Guild Wars




I Didnt Like Fallout, But All Other FPSs I Have Played I Loved, Yes... Even Crysis Witch Looks Awsome On My PC On High Detail, No AA, 4x AF @ 1280x1024. My Favorites Are; Call Of Duty And Call Of Duty 2, HL2, And The Orginal FEAR (By The Way I Still Have The Game And Am Missing One Of The Disks, Anyone Know Where I Could Obtain One Withouth Having To Pay To Get The ENTIRE Game Again??)

I Dont Care Much About Consoles Ither (Only Console I Ever Truly Liked Was The Nitendo 64) HOWEVER  Can Say That I Can Still See The Point Of Throwing In Console Games, But He Could Have Made The Articale Longer And Thrown In A Few More Of The PC "Gems"


AMD Athlon X2 4400+ (2.3GHz Stock) @ 2.76GHz

4GB CAS4 DDR2-800

Nvidia Geforce 9600GSO 768MB (96SPUs) @ 665/1550/550 OC

500GB And 80GB WD Hard Drives

Windows7 Professional 64-Bit

20" Dell 2001FP S-IPS & 19" Sanyo LCDTV Dual-Display






Just following rules #1 and #2 would make a huge difference:



... this list is sure missing lots of games...



... this list is sure missing lots of games...






How could you leave Bioshock off the list? One of my personal favorites is also Loast Planet. Maybe it is just me, but I happen to like games that have an actual story line.



Because Bioshock wasnt originally released in the past decade, it
came out in the 90's but back then they called it System Shock 2.



Sorry have to disagree with you on this as they are totally different games. System Shock was scheduled for a sequel last year, Irrational was the original manufacturer, now 2k games, but it was helved. Bioshock is considered a spiritual successor to System Shock 2, but is not an actual sequel. And so what if it was a sequel, it still released in teh past decade, which is the point of this article, games released in the past decade, which would include 1999, which is when System Shock 2 released, so you could even include that game on the list. And no this decade still has one year left if you mean this decade as 2010 is the final year of the decade.



Plants vs zombies



Rsedent Evil 5



Modern Warefare 1

Phoenix wright ace attorney

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (shut up i got it in 2000 and best game ever)

and any "shmups" that create bullet hell (google it)







Orange box was ported to console, it was pc first.



.... the 7th Guest and 11th Hour. Couldn't resist bringing them up even though they're waay old. :D



there shouldn't even be console games on this list.

This is supposed to be a PC enthusiasts site or has everyone forgotten? If you can't pick ten games on the PC platform from ten years of stellar titles then it's pitiful and sad. I don't care if the article picked games I don't like as long as they are on the damned platform the magazine is about. Put down the thumbsticks.

When the supposed supporter of the PC platform isn't promoting it, then there's something very wrong editorially. No wonder there's been a resurgence of "is PC gaming dying articles" when this is what MPC post on their own site.

It's like a PS3 magazine picking the best games of the decade that are all for the 360 written by someone who mostly plays games on a Wii.



I have to agree, at least with the first half of your post.

-- BUT --

1. This is not Maximum PC. It may have the same name, it may share some of its editors and articles, but let's face it, the website is geared towards a larger audience. You wouldn't find such an article in the magazine.

2. This column ("The Game Boy") has always been purely about games, completely detached from the politics of hardware, platform and brand. It's about video games and it doesn't let anything else get in the way. Which is what I like about it.

Yes, I'd rather see Nathan put in the extra effort to make this a PC-only list (even at the cost of the absence of some of his favorite non-PC games), since PCs and PC games are what I care about, but nevertheless I understand where this is coming from, and I take it as-is, without any dissatisfaction.

But in the end, what you said had to be said, lest we forget.



 It says "Best Games" not "Best PC Games"  last time I checked, this mag does articles on Cellphones, TVs, etc... do you get pissed at those?  This mag can be categorized as a 'TECH' mag... in which case, having console games would be good.  Not only that, but just becase a game is on PC doesn't make it good.  Some of my favorite games are console only, or better on the console (right now, Assassins Creed 2 and Forza 3 are the games I am playing).  Do I love the PC, yes, but I also know that the PC isn't right for every type of game.  I would rather have a list that shows me the best games for ALL consoles (even PS3, even though I only own a PC and Xbox360!) along with PC, not just PC, or just a console.  Not only that, but THE MAG IS NOT WRITTEN FOR YOU!  It is written for the majority, and the majority of people enjoy having choices, if you don't, then go buy a mac cause you would love the closed platform.



If there was a PC you could stick in your pocket to do some "On-The-Go" gaming, I'd agree with your remarks. But there isn't. So PC Enthusiasts who want to game on the road when no PC is present also like to hear of alternate platforms that will allow them to do just that.

MaximumPC Moderator

***The views I express are my own and do not represent the views of MaximumPC Magazine or Future US.***



 Doesn't matter if they're not JUST Console games, most of these games have been ported to the PC regardless. Quit ranting.




Yeah, they have been ported to the PC, that's why they suck!




All your base are belong to us!



 So what you're saying is that Fallout 3, TES IV Oblivion, BioShock, The Orange Box, and Modern Warfare 2 all suck?




by all means no, just that they're mostly dumbed down for pc when ported, which is offensive for some of us, and COD MOD2 does suck





All your base are belong to us!



 What I'm really waiting for is the Elder Scrolls V, hopefully it's just as amazing as the last two. If Bethesda adopts DX11..ohhh man it's gonna look ridiculous, imagine the cobblestones! Lol




My list only goes up to 5 games...  

1.- Call Of Duty World at War. This was the first call of duty game I played and change my toughts towards FPS games.

2.- Modern Warfare 2

3.- Killzone 2

4.- Fear 2 Great camapign, but multiplayer didn't kept me from playing other games.

5.- Heavenly Sword, a short game but with really great graphics.




I wanted to echo the comments about Mafia from the earlier post. Mafia is one of the greatest, most well designed and laid out games ever made. Many big budget games have the downer of being short, like MW-2 for instance; epic game, but too short. With Mafia, this is not the case. The game plunks you down in the Capone era 30's where you become involved with a Don who ends up sending you on a bevvy of insane missions as you work your way up to his right hand. If I could describe the game in 1 word, that word is epic. If you don't play Mafia, you're missing something really good.

q6600 @ 3.2. evga 680i evga 295gtx (also highly recommended, this card freaking shreds Far Cry 2, Fallout 3, chryostasis and whatever else I've been able to throw at it)



1. Mass Effect (Best game I've ever played)

2. Diablo II

3. Half-Life series

4. Battlefield 1942

5. Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

6. Age of Empires II

7. Fable

8. Medal of Honor series

9. Sins of a Solar Empire

10. Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun (close enough, Aug 1999)

11. World in Conflict

12. Doom III

13. Halo

14. Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth

15. Portal



Although Some of these are a little out of the decade marker they're still over the top awesome so I had to include them

1. Total Annihilation (greatest game ever!)

2. Supreme Commander (2nd greatest game ever!)

3. Fallout 3

4. Baldur's Gate I

5. Baldur's Gate II

6. Elder Scrolls of Morrowind

7. Half Life 2

8. Counter Strike Source

9. Unreal Tournament (any version)

10. Evony




why does everyone hate it, it is so much better than the first. looks better, feels better, BETTER. just cause you cant lean and no dedi's, doesn't make it a bad game, it can be annoying at times, but the game by far is one of the best ever to come out to date. for what it lake it makes up everywhere else. stop hating, shut up and play it. ITS GREAT. at first there where a lot of cheaters and no way to ban them, but you dont see them at all that much anymore.



I'm not going to spend my time or yours with a top 10, so I'll just give a top 5. 

1.  Half Life 2 (and all the episodes...doesn't get much better)

2.  WoW  (still I come Arthas)

3.  UT2004 (still miss the action, mods, and maps)

4.  CODMW (definitely not MW2...)

5.  Portal (blown away)



1) Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion
2) Star Ocean : The Second Story
3) Star Ocean 4
4) Assassins Creed
5) Half Life 2
6) Fallout 3 (just started it, but its already amazing)
7) Modern Warfare 1
8) Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction
9) Theif 3 : Deadly Shadows
10) Eternal Darkness (gamecube...dont judge me)

That list took forever to make..i could probably have done a top 100, cause i feel bad for leaving out so many good games







-Fallout 3

-CoD 4



-Red Faction: Guerilla

-Mirror's Edge


And just because...

"Corei7 920 @ 4.4GHz, (2)GTX 295's/Quad-SLI, EVGA 3X SLI X58, 6GB OCZ Gold"



i hate you, i can get 4.4 np, but the 295 in quad are just jaw jropping, i almost upgraded to them, but decided to just wait till the 300 series and get thos. but i must say, atm, you win. grats




I was running a couple 260's but "stumbled" onto a free 295, (long story), and when bonus day came at work, I went and bought everything for a Core i7 setup and another 295. I'll be upgrading when the Hexacore i9 gets released, along with a couple 300-series as well. :D



where do you live?



1. Left 4 Dead 2 (with L4D1 stuff)

2. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1

3. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

4. NBA 2K10 

5. Guitar Hero

6. World in Conflict

7. The Sims 3

8. Far Cry 

9. Flight Simulation X

10. i don't know...




 Thought I posted under Part 2 lol

1. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

2. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

3. HALO: Combat Evolved

4. Splinter Cell 1 & 3 (Shenghai game programmers took a crap on Splinter Cell 2..most horrible out of the 3.)

5. The Orange Box (Is this like...+5?Lol)

6. Star Wars: KOTOR

7. GRID (Amazing graphics on even the cruddiest of systems. Still play to this day.)

8. GTA IV (Greatest story game since Oblivion.)

9. Fallout 3 (Haven't beaten it yet.)

10. Left for Dead (Too much fun. Till you get into a server where people are glitching through console. /rant.)

I love Bethesda..:O




 It's okay, MGS 3 on the list isn't on the PC either lol. :)


Teh Rig:

AMD Phenom II X4 720 (Unlocked to 965 Black Ed. @ 3.6 Ghz 1.47v.)
CPU-Validation -
HIS HD5850 @ 1 Ghz/1.2 Ghz!!! 1.25v



didnt even realize that till now, also love when everyone puts there computer specs below there comments, just make my computer seam that much better, lol, jk. i actually regret spending all the money on it that i did. here ya go :


intel core i7 920 oced to 4.2GHz watercooled on a duel-loop system, asus rampage II extreme with north and south bridge water cooled, 12 gigs OCZ 1600 MHz ram, 2 9800GX2's in quad SLI, creative fatality sound card, tritton AX pro headset, ACER 21.5 in monitor HDMI 1080p, logitech G9x mouse and G19 keyboard, 2 WD 300GB velociraptors in raid 0, 2 320GB samsung hdd in raid 0, 2 DVD/CD drives 22x, corsair 750TX psu, 12 120mm green led fans, cosmos s case

and yea, it sounds like a jet engine when it turn on, for some reason that always makes me smile :)



 LOL, I actually just took the sig out, rather put it somewhere more appealing, kick ass rig, as for the jet sound, at least you know it's alive and not fried from a leak!




1. Ratchet & Clank (all of them)

2. Mass Effect

3. MW2

4. Ace Combat (all of them) 

5. CnC Generals Zero Hour

6. Portal

7. BF 2142 

8. UT 2004

9. CoD4

10. Crysis

11. BF2 

12. Stalker clear sky

13. CnC Red Alert 2

14. Counter Strike : Source

15. World in Conflict


there are others i liked but these i would have to say are my favorites, MINE, don't argue with me, lol, i also know that 2 arnt on the pc but they are just so good i had to put them up, and i couldn't make it 10, just cause. :)


Ace of Spades

Metal Gear Solid 4 was the best game of the decade in my opinion. Like everything it said about war was on point, some thing Modern Warfare 2 couldn't achieve and doesn't want to achieve for a reason. Think about that reason for a while so you know what I mean. And oh, Super Smash Bros. Brawl was the funnist multiplayer game for me.

Post your favorite games of the decade.



I haven't had the pleasure of some of the latest gems in gaming because of my my aged system but I've fallen for a few jems not mentioned. One my most memorable games that I plan to revist is Tron 2.0. it was graphicly pleasing. The ugrade system was fun and unique to each player's like and the story I felt was one of the most engaging. The character alone were so unique to all other games.
Another was Mafia. Simply a pleasure. Gta set in the 30's. I loved the music, the city, it all.
A favor for unique story, weapons, and comedy is Armed & Dangerous. Nothing quite like the shark gun or the topsy turvy gun. I just recently watched all the cut scenes alone. Nearly an hour of good humor.
Battlefield 1942: Desert Combat. One of my favorite games of all. 64 players a map, tons of maps, and constant updates. Very few things are as memorable as firing a hellfire into a squad of men from an apache. I really believe that is what drove in battlefield 2 and the modern warefare series.
I simply do need to give Call of Duty 1 & 2 their dues. While I hadn't played much of the Medal of Honor series you wouldn't have World at War and Modern Warfare today. Those first two really pushed me into the heat of each gun fight and mission.
There are others to be mentioned but these are among my best.



Good list, I like a list that has stuff I've never heard of before. And of course Deus Ex deserves to be on there, but if you haven't played it, ya haven't played it. I wonder how it holds up after all these years. Probably not too well.

But you must have missed playing Psychonauts as well to not have it on this list. I can't recall the last time I had so much just plain old FUN while playing a videogame. The design is epically brilliant.



My facorite games are RPG and I get bored by shooters so my comments may not be for some of you.

I find Dragon age to be the most enjoyable game I have played in 20 years. I used to love the old Ultima series, that is until E A bought them, screwed it up and then burried the series. Since then I have only found a few RPG's that truly imerse you and provide that alternate life experience. Of those (Oblivion was one of them) I find that Dragon Age comes closest to the feelings evoked by the best of the Ultima series (Ultima 6 and 7).

If you like RPG's try it. You will not be sorry.



I only have two words for you... Bio. Shock.

End of story



You insult this guys list because he didnt include a completely average shooter from a decade filled with exponentially better games than it... Please kill yourself.



I am kind of disappointed that Battlefield 2 didn't make the list.  But like you said, you can't comment about a game you didn't play or haven't played in depth to understand it.  I like BF2 cuz it was the first of its kind to be about modern warfare and have all the different options of gameplay built into it.  Infantry, Flying jets and Choppers, or Cruising in a Land Vehicle.  But then again, not every game I like will always be on the games of the decade.  You could also make a case for Bioshock, that game was so much fun.  Can't wait for Bioshock 2.



I started playing it last week, and I'm loving it.  The story, the fights, the character design and how they react with each other is so deep I cant stop playing.  On Monday last week I didn't go to work because of the game.  I literally played from 7am to 9pm, nonstop.  I've had gaming streaks, but that's my record.  The game is that good.



i honestly cant say that i disagree with the list. alot of the games iv found myself playin for HOURS beyond what was expected. On the other hand, im dissapointed that psychonauts was not on the list. it was the cult following game of the decade for sure. almost like rocky horror picture show, but in a game, and not all sexed up.


Dick Motorman

MGS3 was the begining of the end for the Metal Gear series.  MG2, MGS, and MGS2 collectively are the height of the series, MGS3, while it was a good game, was watered down, esspecially in comparison to the previous three games.


When is comes to Metal Gear games of the past decade there is no question that MGS2 is hands down the best.


But really this is your list for the best of the DECADE?   Really?  MGS2, Deus Ex, God of War(s), FF(s),  Morrowind, Metroid Prime, Devil May Cry, Rez, Ico, Shadow of the Collosus, Metroid Fusion, Psychonaust, Just to name a few.

 At least you had Half Life 2...

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