The Game Boy: My 2010 Games of The Year, Part Three – Mass Effect 2



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The last hour of ME2 left me screaming and crying. Literally. Because Legion died, or whatever robots do.



Bioware could take a dump in a box and it will be the best, most engaging dump you've ever seen.  They are the masters of story telling in games.  I can't really think of one bioware games I didn't like.  On that colorful note, I did lose someone at the end of ME 2 that will always die no matter what decisions I make, because of screwing up the relationship with her.  I liked how it felt like the weight of the world was on Sheppard's shoulders, and hence yours, and you saw how much others were relying on you to make the right decisions and it was quite nerve racking.   Also, the ending of that games and the Normandy's battle run towards the Reaper ship had me on the edge of my seat, simply epic.  Can't wait for ME 3.


Fecal Face

I completely agree, Bioware is by far my favourite developer ever.

The stories just somehow make me care more than I would in other games. Take Fallout 3 for example. I couldn't really care what happened because of my actions in the wasteland, and I usually ended up killing everything, be it innocent or evil. In Mass Effect, both 1 and 2, I found myself sitting there thinking of which dialogue choice to pick, actually wondering which decision I should be making.

Bioware somehow just draws me into their games so much that I care what's going to happen to all those pixels on my screen, and I love it. I find there are few other game devs that make experiences as awesome as Bioware's.



This is one of the few games (or any media really) where you get done and if someone came out and said, "This stuff is really going on out in space somewhere." you wouldn't be surprised. It's that believable and immersing. That's of course if you ignore the stupid Terminator Reaper Parade Float at the end. Plus girls with Aussie accents are awesome!



I didn't play this game but Grayson's writing makes me want to give it a try. My Bioware fix for the year was Dragon Age Origins. Spent two months on it. Looks like 2011 will be all DA2 and CIV5 for me.



Actually for those that haven't played the game (and you are really missing out if you haven't) there are a host of ways you can lose someone, or nearly all someone's in the game. Being a schmuck and rushing through without worrying about loyalty will net you a pile of corpses. If you're too cheap to fork out the raw materials and cash to upgrade sweet Normandy, you'll accrue a few more corpses. Then if you don't choose the correct party members for mission components in the suicide mission, you'll polish off the remainder of your squad.

If however you aren't selfish, you spend lavishly, and you use good tactical sense (as any good commander should) in choosing your personnel for the mission objectives in the suicide mission, (and it's not the obvious choice that will bite you) you will come out with standing happy squad mates.

Bottom line, this is an outstanding game and did exactly what Nathan said, and really drew me in like no game before it. I found myself wishing this universe was real so I could be a part of it, even though the outlook is pretty damned bleak. I ended up playing it over numerous times, just so I could try all of the different choices available and see how the game changed. Ended up playing ME1 again a couple of times too, just so I could see how choices in that game effected ME2. That adventure really demonstrated how much they improved ME2. Aaaggh that inventory system in ME1 just SUCKS! Still a damn good game though and a worthy play through, and for more than just not being lost on the story in ME2!

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