The Game Boy: My 2010 Games of The Year, Part One – BioShock 2



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I really enjoyed this game and as much as people give crap for the multiplayer, I really had fun with it. Is it on par with the Call of Duty's or Halo's? Probably not, but it doesn't strive to be that either. It was added to give the game more value and in some peoples minds, it did just that. For some people it didn't. Bioshock 2's story was not as epic as its predecessors, but it wasn't that bad either. The ending was a little bit more of what the original Bioshock should have been. For that you gotta give Bioshock 2 some recognition. It didn't break the flow of the story with a silly end boss. Although I may not completely agree that this should get a Game of the Year award, I won't deny that it was a great game.



For me, the most effective part of the game was the audio recordings of your daughter when she was young (how cute and uncorrupted she was at that time). The recordings were done so well, that they actually caused me to be more emotionally invested in the game than any other. Unfortunately, the game was repetitive and a little boring and your daughter grew up and became this weird killing machine that could appear to help you at any time you called her. These things removed the player from the experience.

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