The Game Boy: Mundane Is The New Epic



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Agreed this game was a marking point in the game era.


Joe D

Maybe not the saddest moment in gaming but up there in the top 5. Is when your forced to watch your girl get slapped around and then shot in the head. The whole time your being held by the demon inside of you, teasing you as you think you might have a chance to save her. But that moment gives you a real sense of angry towards your uncle. I felt like I wanted to rip his head off with my demon powers at that moment. The game gave you a great sense of feeling like you were actually Jackie.


"World of Warcraft is real life but with Night Elves and Orcs" quoted by my brother



Saddest moment in gaming was when Legend released the hideously bad (and grossly overhyped) "The Great Space Race" after the sublime "Valhalla".

It was brutal.




 i kinda liked LEgends of Lugia


Before the Mist invides your town you get to walk around, and then at the end it seems peace has returned and you get to just relate to the town (then you found out about one final battle)

Coming soon to --Tokusatsu Heroes--
Five teenagers, one alien ghost, a robot, and the fate of the world.



i borowed it from a friend expecting a fun horror game but it was so much more :)

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