The Game Boy: The Future of Gaming – as Predicted by E3



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Personally I think that motion controls suck in most cases. I am perfectly fine with my keyboard and mouse and normal controls. I've never tried 3D gaming but I'm not in much of a hurry to do so. I guess the gaming world is leaving me behind.



You know, I really don't understand why the PC has been left out in the cold as a viable gaming platform.  I mean its understandable for these companies like Microsoft to think that if they build their own hardware and make large profits off of console licensing that they will be sitting pretty. But I fail to see how this has really helped anything grow in regards to gaming.  I mean both Microsoft and Sony were pretty much giving away their consoles in the beginning, and now they are constantly trying to find new ways to revamp their aging consoles, to make them more attractive without adding any additional value.  In my honest opinion if Microsoft would have spent 5% of what it spent on designing and creating their Xbox market on designing PC games, the gaming industry would be much farther than it is today. The only PC game designers I can really give credit to is Valve with their creation of Steam and its store.  But, as even I believe Valve has said (correct me if I am wrong, cause I often am)  that it is going to focus more of its efforts on the console market.  Also, lets be mindful of people like John Carmack (who helped jump start PC gaming) who said that he was giving up his pursuit of designing PC games for the console.  With everyone jumping ship from the PC gaming platform in favor of the console, and much of the new PC games being ports from consoles, I believe that the PC gaming innovations of tomorrow are indeed gloomy. 



game developers,

i'm a pc gamer... 

pc gamers like games that make full use of the keyboard and mouse, that have incredible depth and detail, which allow minute control over the game world.

console gamers, on the other hand, like games with wild sights and sounds, fast action, and gamepad button mashing.

why can't you as game developers realize that and keep the two platforms separate?  make computer games for computers and console games for consoles.

example: supreme commander 1 and 2 on xbox360 ????  what about guitar hero 3 on pc ????  why ?!?!?!



hate to break the news but IW COD4:MW multiplayer leveling system was largely influenced by Dice's Battlefield 2 released in 2005.  It stole many of the key concepts from that title and used them with a great sucess on the console market/PC market.



My fear is that current console tech hangs on for another 3 to 5 years. The gaming PC market stagnates because there is no reason to buy bigger and better equipment the doesn't get used. Then, the next generation of consoles comes around and suddenly people with 8 year old computer systems that had no problem playing current generation games are left out in the cold when their systems can't handle the new games. As a result they can buy a new computer for a couple thousand dollars, or they can buy a new console for $500. Alot of those people are going to choose the console. When that happens you will no longer see headlines like "Is PC gaming dead?" Instead you will see "PC gaming is dead" When noone buys the PC titles because their 8 year old system couldn't handle it, game designers will quickly abandon the PC platform as a lost cause. Those who bought new powerful systems will be stuck playing farmville 12 on them, and the likes of sony and microsoft will be to blame.

I may be exaggerating, or being overly dramatic, but you can't say that you don't see things heading in this direction.



Yeah, a great article no doubt. I am no enemy of the console but as you mentioned, it has definitely stagnated the PC gaming market. If it wont fit on a 360 or a PS3 then it won't be made. Hell, even Crysis 2 is a console port now.

 As for Half Life 3, at least Valve does not toss HL down our throats every year like these warfare games. I have to admit, I was excited at first at the speedy releases from the Call Of Duty Franchise but it appears more is less. The more they give, the less I care.I gave up at COD:WAW. The obvious lack of server-side support just verified to me that even the great Call Of Duty franchise was heading down the console route. Not that I am complaining. I suppose I understand, developers follow the money and the younger crowd are, for the most part, on a console. 

 With the earlier article of the keyboard and mouse accessory for the PS3, I started to wonder about the future of gaming rigs. I just had Cyberpower build me a quad-core rig with a 5870 GPU. It is kick ass no doubt but is totally overkill for the games out today, DX 11 or not. Tesselation has been on the 360 for some time now. 

 If I were to shell out the dough to buy a version of Adobe Photoshop or some other program that actually took advantage of every thread then yeah, I got a great computer, right now though, it's overkill. It just makes me worry about the future of gaming, PC gaming specifically. 


I think to myself often, if I merely want a kickass gaming rig, mainly for FPS gaming, and if I can now buy an add-on that allows me keyboard and mouse options for my old school wasd left hand, whats the point of shelling out 2 grand or more? 


Gaming is dumbing down more and more every day. If you can play it on a mobile phone, or a console, or with the family, or with motion controls then your set. If you want something that is going to crank up your gpu to it's maximum or take advantage of multithreading, where do you look? 


/me is off the soapbox


Mighty BOB!

I am sad now. :(



Good article!

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