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    Why are you supporting a console exclusive on a PC enthusiast website?

    So pretty much, you would rather see the market for games go exclusively to consoles, because their developers have superior imaginations in regards to aesthetics.

    And the fact remains that the PC started a lot of the major titles now on consoles, i.e. Farcry, Half-Life 2.

   Also, wasn't World of Warcraft or some such thing create the standard now for RPG interfaces.  So, please tell me how console developers are the latest and greatest in regards to aesthetics. 

   The fact of the matter is, is that regardless of the imaginations developers have on said equipment. Better graphics and better tools (which Direct X 10 and 11 both have) offer developers easier  and better ways to bring their ideas into furition.




so basically you are saying that because of the limitations of consoles forcing developers to add arty effects to games that's a benefit to PCs?

The grindhouse style of Wet doesn't making it any less of a generic 3rd person shooter just like Payne, Stranglehold etc. and it doesn't make PC games any better when they are ported over from consoles like the recent Red Faction:Guerrilla mess shows. It just makes poorly ported and limited console titles look like poorly ported limited console titles with a stylistic sheen.

And the grindhouse style of Wet isn't that unique either. House of the Dead:Overkill used the exact same treatment at the beginning of this year on the Wii. So Wet isn't taking gamers to "new places" it's just taking them to places they've seen before that are currently trendy. Which is the same situation every year. Graphically what consoles can't do is meaningless to PC games. A unique visual idea can come from anywhere, regardless of the technical limitations.

So consoles, do go changing. Get rid of your simplistic user interfaces and support more keyboards and mice so I don't have to look at menu screens with text so big it takes up all the visible space on a monitor.  Oblivion, I'm looking at you.




The other day my son downloaded the Dirt 2 demo for his 360. I was walking by while he was playing it and I had to stop and stare at the screen. I couldn't believe how gorgeous of a game it is. Absolutely stunning graphics and effects and smooth as silk. We don't even had a high def kit for our 720p 42" plasma but I couldn't even imagine it looking any better than that.

So yes, I'm glad the current gen consoles are here for a while. I don't think devs could have pulled off a beauty like Dirt 2 when the 360 came out years ago but the longer they have to to tinker with the current hardware specs the better the games.

Not to mention I'm not ready to shell out the dough for a new Xbox 361 or whatever it'll be called.



I like the idea that developers will have to get more creative rather than simply chasing incremental graphics improvements.  I hope that we'll see a lot more games released for both the PC and at least one console.  I just hope that developers get a lot better about understanding the different expectations and conventions of PC games vs. console games.  They still do a lot of dumb things on the PC versions that really make no sense.

I prefer to play the games on the PC for a few reasons:
1. They tend to be cheaper and the DLC is usually free or cheaper as well.

2. I prefer mouse/keyboard over gamepad for most types of games.

3. I only have one TV in the house, so it's better for me to play on the PC and let my wife watch TV if she wants.

4. PC games are where the mods are at.  Annoyances can often be fixed, and even games that are utterly mediocre at release can be transformed into awesome experiences through mods (e.g. Oblivion and Fallout 3).


The downsides are:

1. PC games tend to have little to no resale value, depending on how you purchase them and whether they require a key to play online.

2. They do require a decent PC to play them on.  I have a good PC for a variety of reasons, including work, so this isn't much of an issue for me.  Since you can build a gaming PC for not much more than a PS3, it's not nearly as much of an issue for most people now, and will be even less so over the next several years as the performance bar remains low due to aging consoles.

3. PC games tend to get less testing than console games, and have a vastly larger array of hardware they need to run on, so they may have more bugs at release.  This doesn't affect me much either since I tend to read a lot of reviews before buying, so I know what games I should avoid, at least until they get patched up.



 bravo, it nice to not have to get beiger and better GPU, it nice to know...gameplay.

in games.



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