Future Tense: Thinking About Thinking



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"And once they accomplish that, why stop there?"

Because after having accomplished that, said computer will likely find a way to destroy the human race.



Here's what my pattern matching brain has surmised from your comment and user name.  Piratebill --- probably named Bill and have an interest in or are a pirate --- my guess is software theft rather than boating or some leftover Halloween costume nickname (it IS a tech site).  You failed to capitalize, so you're likely lazy and uncaring of your appearance, and you mispelled five words, so you seem to be of average or lower intelligence, and don't care that you are advertising it.  You used the word "shill" (and in one of its proper usages!) which isn't a very contemporary word, so you're probably over 40.  English is your first language.  You weren't able to follow the article, which wasn't that complicated, so you're not good at processing logic --- therefore you're not likely to have ever been a programmer (try writing a pattern matching program to identify something as simple as a chair and its variations), but possibly could be an unemployed COBOL dinosaur.  I hope you're not in a job where you have a lot of people contact, because you're kind of nasty, which isn't conducive to having many friends or decent interpersonal relations.  You're not likely in a management position, or you wouldn't have found it worth your time to write a nasty comment.  And you didn't realize you said all of this about yourself in these few words --- even if I'm wrong, it's my perception and likely that of many other readers.  Maybe you'll want to keep quiet until you can get one of those "thinking" computers.  Personally, I found the time to write this because 1) you wasted my time, 2) you pissed me off because I have a low tolerance for people who don't think (smart or not, especially when wrong), and 3) you're the perfect example of how we need people to be thinking about this stuff because we're so far from the point in time where computers will tell you it's a better idea to keep your keyboarding fingers silent.



With your jig saw example you said a computer would attempt to solve the problem by testing every piece. This results in an upper bound of n^n (test n pieces against n pieces) which is probably one of the worst possible upper bounds on execution time.

This is known as a brute force algorithm, which is something you try to avoid in solving a problem with computer science. It would not be very difficult to create a program that solved a problem the same way we do and would actually be much easier computationally.

In fact many of the most effective algorithms come from analyzing how we solve problems and programming computers to do it the same way.

The thing is people don't automatically recognize how to solve most problems you usually have to be taught, or programmed. The exception for people is how we learn new things for humanity as whole not as individuals, we use our form of evolutionary computing on a global scale to solve everything by almost randomly applying previous experience to new problems until we solve them. This is why one the best ways humans learn is through analogy. 

Sentience is a very vague term, if you define it as self awareness it is easily achieved after all for an animal to protect it self it has to know why and you would assume it is because it does not want to feel pain. I think most people truly just think of it as the different between us and every other life form on earth and leave it there. I think the best description is ability to define your own purpose, which would be at first though would be unnecessary in problem solving at first glance, but necessary if you want a computer that could solve any problem. The problem with that is what if that computer does not want to be defined as a problem solver.

The funny thing is it would be doing what we were doing in creating it in the first place since were creating so we don't have to solve problems. In my opinion I would much rather create individual systems for solving individual problems then have no problems to solve for myself. In other words I enjoy solving problems with a purpose and a computer that could solve and problem would defeat any purpose I had. I think that the only value of true human level synthetic intelligence is in the achievement of creating it and not in the actual application of it. I would much rather synthetically improve our own intelligence than create beings of superior intelligence.



IBM SkyNet anyone?



great article about nothing but your opinion and rant. canihavemytimeback?



Canihavemytimebacktoo? I could poop in a bucket, call it an article, and it would be infinity times more awesome.  

Ooh, I almost forgot to add the reference to the article I created back in '72. It was a big'un. 



Go drink your bucket.



Dude.  Your an ass.  The whole point behind the article is to express his opinion and genereate a discussion.  Go back to work, Ray.  Do what ur supposed to be getting paid for.  Not surfing the web and being a douche.


To the author of the article: I thought it was brilliant.  An excellent attept at questioning what makes a sentient being sentient(not sure if I spelled that correctly).  At what point are we different from all the other things on Earth.  Why do we wear clothes and build things and maintain personal relationships?  The skunks behind my house raise their kids and then never see them again as their offspring.  They only see them as competition for food or mating rights.  And how will this apply to the things that we DO build?  Machines have been building other machines for decades but you turn them off and they stay off.  When do we treat our objects with respect and dignity?  When do we tell our tv remote we're sorry for throwing it at the tv because we don't want to offend it so it doesn't keep muting our tv cuz we pissed it off? or him or her?  I want my robo pet.......Ain't gotta walk that little bastard.  Gives new meaning to ftecth the paper since you almost ca't get a paper anymore.  Or maybe it can show you MaxPC articles on it's back while your droopping in it's new hard drive or upgrading his home defense laser eyes. 

Here is my captcha rant...

This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions...And the machines pass this test...how ironic.  "hastrise broken," is the pw....WTF guys



Please don't post anymore.

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