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January 6, 2011.- Toshiba will announce at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) the launch in the European market 3D TVs that do not need glasses with screens larger than 40” (102 cm).

The first model of big screen (65” (165cm) with 3D without glasses will be available in Europe from April 2011.

Toshiba decided to introduce this year’s 3D TV without glasses in the European market after considering the wishes and demands of European consumers.

Toshiba will continue to assess this market in order to adjust its supply and adapt to it screen sizes and detailed specification of the 3D without glasses.

The company will show at CES two models in 56"(142cm) and 65"(165 cm), respectively. Both use the Toshiba CEVO motor, able to provide the computing power required to run the 3D without glasses on large TV screens, and have a LED backlight panel with 4096 x 2160 pixels that provide multiple views that allow the human brain to perceive three-dimensional images.

Manager Sascha Lange confirmed that The European launch of 3D TV without glasses is a major breakthrough for the future of the consumer electronics industry. So you would better get the best deal on satellite tv packages because 3D television will soon be on the market. <



I can't see this one making advances into the homes that TV set makers seem to expect. Seriously if you got to put on the 3D glasses just to cycle click through the channels just to find something to kill those extra 10 minutes your wife needs to get ready is pretty much of a turn off. Just the inconvenience of having to view something in an unnatural way (with specially colored glasses as opposed to just your eyes or vision glasses) makes this on require too much effort which goes against the philosophy of tv, which is to just sit down and watch, and not get everything ready...sit down.... popcorn on the table.... find the glasses.... put on the glasses...., who's that at the door....., do we have an extra set of glasses...., my glasses are dirty..., dog chewed mine... etc.

I see this as an intermediate tech stop on the way to holographic tv. Now that is the future.  

Here today, gone tomorrow. Live life.



 that 3D is actually a viable means of entertainment at home. There is a huge difference between focusing on a 3D image 30 feet away and 3 feet away. I would expect a lot of eye strain and nausea for a home 3D setup. Then there is viewing angle. Finally, how LONG can someone watch 3D? I would bet that an 8 hour marathon with World of Warcraft 3D would not be in a person's best interest!



I have no idea what the numbers are, but I would bet a good majority of people wearing glasses don't like the 3D glasses for any period of time. 3 out of 5 in my family wear glasses, we all hate 3D glasses. 

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 i have to disagree, all the past advances had one thing in common, they were passive. by requiring "Goffy glasses" even at the "common man stage" it becomes something you have to want to do not something that just happens.

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