Future Tense: A Brief History of 3D Film



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Unfortunately the 3D films have lost my family as customers, since my wife gets headaches from the existing process.  Probably there aren't enough people like my wife to blunt the adoption of the technology by themsleves, but I bring this up to ask if all the hidden points of friction to adoption of this technology have been accounted for.

The most compelling reason I've heard for the adoption of 3D is that it makes piracy harder, i.e. if pirates have to wait for the home releases then that might blunt their profits.



I have a friend that can't see 3D movies either due to difficulties he has with the way his eyes focus. So yeah, there are a small subset of people that can't enjoy them. I was expecting to be one of them but I had no trouble seeing Avatar in 3D.

I don't think piracy is really that much of an issue. It's more along the lines of what the author described in regard to what happened in theaters with the advent of television. 3D is a viewing experience you can only get in the theater, and people seem to be willing to spend more money to see it. It's just a way of getting more bodies into the seats and charging them more at the same time.

Ultimately I think it's just going to be another resurrected fad.



"Part of this is that shooting in 3D can add as much as 25% to the budget of a live-action film, even more if the film is heavy on digital special effects"

I've read that many films getting the "3D treatment" are shot in 2D and then converted to 3D in post. I would imagine this is signficantly cheaper than shooting in 3D, tho I would also guess the results probably aren't as good.



 Very nicely done! I appreciate your explanations of the different techniques used in the past and the present.

One of the things that needs to be mentioned is that shooting in 3D also requires a different way of treating depth of field. Mess it up and you get folks throwing up into their popcorn buckets. James Cameron went out of his way to tell folks that he was very careful on how he framed shots so that the foreground and the background were kept very distinct.

 As for home 3D, is it really going to work? I mean Avatar in 3D on IMAX was spectacular, but will it look as good on a 32" LCD flatscreen? Heh. How about an IPad version? LOL.

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