Feel the Fear: Dead Space 2 vs Amnesia: the Dark Descent



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john mony

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I always thought that "The suffering" was an awsome horror game. I also think FEAR and FEAR 2 were very good.



Agreed, I thought the first FEAR was a fantastic game.  The atmosphere was wonderful: never really letting up on the suspense and tension for a second.  There would be moments where the music would build up to a crescendo, I would brace myself for an apparition or attack...and nothing would happen.  And then two minutes later, there's absolutely no musical cue and I'm startled out of my pants by an actual apparition.  The tension never let up for me - I was in constant fear throughout, especially in those dark basements where my flashlight would run out so quickly.  The story, I thought, was great, and the gameplay and shooting were phenominal.  FEAR 2 was more of a letdown regarding atmosphere, but the gameplay and shooting were just as visceral and fun.

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