Fast Forward: Chrome Won't Shine



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Could Chrome OS take a 1% market share away from Microsoft Windows? If it did do you know how many sales Microsoft Windows would loose? I would think it would be in the millions.



I don't even think Chrome OS has the power to unite the Linux front. 




This article is about Chrome OS. Not Chrome web browser. Duh.



I don't see the point of this so called war, it is not as if tou had to pick one and that's it

We can very well use Win+linux, the only ones that see this as a  all or nothing war are the completely free software hippies and the manufacturers that want to lower prices by not paying the windows licence, the end users like you and me can benfit from the strenghts of both platforms



I get the point but I think you are underestimating Google a bit when you factor in the bigger picture above and beyond just the financial resources.  Looking at Google search, iGoogle, Chrome, Wave, Gmail, the supposed forthcoming Google OS, the fact (so I heard) that all Windows 7 will be IE free in Europe which by default means all the other browsers are about to see huge increases, and cloud computing as a whole I would say Chrome has a fairly good chance even if only based on brand name and potential.  I use Chrome as my sole browser with iGoogle and Gmail all incorporated and I couldn't think about going back to anything else (and I've used them all minus Opera...because...well...please.).  I love the simplicity of Chrome with the ability to seamlessly incorporate a much bigger picture and frankly once witnessing the speed first hand everything else seems like accessing with dial up.  Thats a tough thing to turn away from once experienced.  I personally have zero use for the app approach like Firefox...I just want a simple and fast browser and thats exactly what Chrome is.


Is it ever going to over take IE...probably not simply because IE comes with Windows and the vast majority of PC users aren't folks that are typically going to be checking out Maximum PC anytime soon.  They dont know any better and the term ignorance is bliss is very applicable.


But I doubt Chrome is going anywhere but up. 



Figure out what he's talking about please, your argument is irrelevant...

BTW i agree with Tom



When Chrome works?  It works fine for me. 100% of the time.  1 out of 20 results?  Please. Guess I better stop relying on it at work in which I require absolutely accurate results every time.  Which is what Google search provides me and basically everyone else.  You just posted something patently ridiculous N25Philly.


Perhaps you both should actually figure out what you're talking about first. It isn't an argument.  It's an opinion.



I wish my job was to search Google all day...



My job involves constant research and consistent accuracy.  100% of which is accomplished...with ease...with Google search.


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