Fast Forward: AMD Parallels Nvidia



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Where are all the stream apps?  I have the transcoder, but until it can do ripping it's not much use to me.



What we need is a driver of some osrt that automaticly uses your gpu as simply adittional cores on the CPU. So, when you do anything that utilizes the CPU, the GPU automaticly kicks in. That would be amazing.



Interestingly, Intel is developing a discrete graphics card (codename Larrabee) that is composed of a bunch of x86 cores (with extensions for graphics processing). This is the same architecture as Intel and AMD CPUs, so in the future it may be possible for these cores to offload tasks from the CPU without special software like Stream, CUDA, or OpenCL (though this would probably require a lot of support from the operating system itself).

 Though current GPUs are very fast at what they are designed to do and special software would likely take good advantage of that.

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