EVO: The Unholy Hybrid of Open-Source Computing and Consoles



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Three steps to get the EVO console for way cheaper:

1. Search Craigslist for "old computer" and buy one that's about 2 years old.

2. Install Linux on it.

3. Write "EVO" across the front of it.

Done and done.


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Thats some expensive bullshit..

[reading "barebone kits under $200" in the kickass offer tab]



this is going to be a epic fail... this aint even worth $300 to start with...



That's what they said about the Neo-Geo, and it...never mind.



I think you're forgetting the GP32 and GP2X gaming consoles.  They were both open source, too.

What they're charging for games and the hardware is indeed ridiculous.  Building a Linux box, downloading the open source games, and using WINE or Cedega for older Windows games would be a far better option.

The Battle for Wesnoth is actually a pretty good (and free) community developed game, and comparing it to brand new $60 console exclusives is downright stupid.



with openCL and openGL3 coming out its an idea that is feasible but shoving a bunch of low grade pc hardware into a hollowed out dvd player and sneezing Linux onto it dose not a console make. if the company doesn't loose there shirt over this concept console, and maybe gets some more backing there maybe a light at the end of the tunnel for a second generation designed from the ground up to become a viable competitor.

why would it be unable to streem videos? of course you cant play fallout 3 at 1080p on that hardware but it could probably up-convert it but since you made the comparasin can a ps3 realy play fallout 3 at 1080p resolutions or does it up-convert the video stream.

p.s. im not a fanboy i just think that with the copyright law nuse tightening around our throughts this might just be somthing that needs to happen



LOL looks like someone did a crappy photo shop of a dvd player and spliced in a logo

 even if it does come to light unless it gets a good KA it won't go no where and to me that looks like a really bad mock of an old mad catz controller for the playstation 1 or 2 that was colored black


Verdict 3/10 personally good try though :D


I Jedi

I'd buy one, if it were under or a little above $100.


Keith E. Whisman

People that have completely given themselves over to Linux and hate everything else will love this console as well as rabid Intel hating AMD fans. 

But for the same price as this piece of shit I can get a Xbox 360. And with the Xbox 360 you get plenty of great games and by far the very best game pad ever devised. Hell I bought an Xbox360 controller and plugged it into my Windows Vista 64 and Win7 64 Beta machine and the controller works great with no setup or software installation. 



Seems to me like you fit into the rabid AMD hating intel fan group. I don't hate Intel, AMD just fits my budget better.



dpad sucks tho


Keith E. Whisman

on the Xbox 360 controller? I agree it's not the best but for the 360 controller it's not meant to be used for very much it's the two joysticks and the buttons that are meant for most of the heavy work and the dpad gets used very little. And that is a good thing.

Although the Controller is great I find myself still relying on the keyboard and mouse with the controller as an option that sometimes is optimal for different games. 


The 13th Misanthrope

 Hey! Don't you be bad-mouthing penguins!


"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe." -Albert Einstein



Sounds like a late April Fools to me...



console games. But open source console gaming?



Peanut Fox

Who are these folks marketing to?

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