E3 Preview: XCOM Isn't X-Com, But Maybe That's Not Such A Bad Thing After All



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How I miss old school Microprose!!  I probably played Xcom longer than any other game in my life.  Seriously.  What I liked about it, was it's strategic depth, sound, and yes, even the graphics.  Microprose had Masters of Orion, and Masters of Magic, and I played X-com so much more!  It was almost like Panzer General meets Command and Conquer.  I know this new game isn't going to be anything like the old ones, but I'm optimistic that it will be a GOOD game.  2k usually comes out with some decent stuff.  I wont attach any of the games former glory to it.    I still would, however, LOVE an updated remake......  More than a FFVII one!  Yes, I said it!




I'm not an X-Com or XCOM fan; I am a shooter and RPG fan. I don't like tactical strategy games.

But - 

I remember a strategy game that the developers took into a whole new direction. They made it into an MMORPG. I don't remeber what it's called, and you've probably never heard of it.

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