Cool Site of the Week: GameHuddle



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I've got a good 20 console games I don't play anymore, most of them with singleplayers that are probably still pretty popular. I'd be happy to make another 80 bucks a month, which isn't theoretically too outlandish, because the max you can make is $10 on each game per month. I'll have to see what it actually ends up pulling in, and I'll let you guys know. If only I could do it with my 50 or so steam games!



Now no one will know what it's like to shop at the sketchy Craigslist van filled with games.



shipping is NOT free when you share your games thru the site. they CHARGE you to ship the games to them. just FYI, & should have been mentioned in the article!



Not that bad, you'll be making money on them. If it's a dolla a game it's fine with me.

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