Column: EA Should Feel Ashamed About SimCity's DRM



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this didnt take long to pop up



Another clever thing they could do. I don't remember which game it was, but one game, if it decided you were a pirate, would send a giant red monster after you that would constantly kill you. Why not take a leaf out of that book and make it rain meterors or something?



I think the game you're referring to is Serious Sam.



I think what I find more disturbing is that people still buy from EA. The issues surrounding Simcity does not surprise me in the least, given the Diablo release. The whole not issuing a refund and threatening to ban said user is what I have come to expect from EA. The sooner EA dies the better, same with Ubisoft.



As soon as I found out about the "always on connection requirement" given my 256k connection, I crossed this game off of my list. I have played every Sim City game since 2000, and was eagerly looking forward to a new game playable on new hardware. So yeah, dissapointed is an understatement.

Someone is going to pirate your product whether you like it or not. the way to fight it and diminish it is not to declare every single person on earth a pirate and treat them as such. it's to offer a good product at a rasonable price that honest people are willing to pay.

but then again, why would I expect ny entertainment company to understand this? these are the types of people who at one time claimed that music was worth more money than exists on the planet earth and that people who steal it deserve to have their lives destroyed.


Dark Blade

I was really looking forward to this game but unless the drm is removed i will never buy it i will just dust off my old copy of sim city 3000 and reminisce about the good old days



I am in agreement. I was real interested in purchasing this game. Now EA gets none of my money.



Funny their greed caused this DRM and now they are out $120 between the both of you because of it. Pretty ironic.



Make that 3....The full British version is £65......Its not just the DRM though....... Its only half a game and too small a scale.... Its set up for lots of micro payments and regular expansions (at a cost) to get it to a similar state of gameplay to sim 4 rush hour.....(underground etc.).You can just see it.

My bet is there will not be a decades wait for sim6 ...and EA will pull the servers as they have done so in the past.

Not for me....

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