Cloud Cover: The Tablet Takeover, Coming of Chrome OS, and HTML5



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i think it could be a good idea but i think we in the western world woud need to develop national wifi zones where we can all access the data from just about anywhere in the country i live in the US so in the US oyr anywhere in europe or any really developed country.  anyways i got this idea from an article i read on this website about australia making its own  100 mbps speed line throughout the coutnry as a national project i think that is totally awesome.  i think it would be beneficial to always be on so to speak if we could have wifi everywhere.  i think the government should get these funds together and maybe throw some people out of the system that shouldnt be taking our tax dollars. im sry but i do not like the fact of illegal immigrants receiving assistance for nothing for one reason: they paid nothing into it, they are not citizens of this country thus i do not believe they are entitled to anything except medical care while they are here.  (thats only because i do not think it is wise not to help those in need with keeping them alive when possible at least medically.) you want to come here illegally then pay your own way.  i really woulld love to see the gov't create such a wii-fi network maybe at first in the major cities but then spread throughout most of the country.  then i think web apps would be quite usable.  i do not really like the idea of storing such information on the web because then just about anyone can access it and modify it with some know how.  and we would all pay a monthly fee or something in our taxes to support this. 



Only web apps in a portable device, are they nuts? Also no local apps? I have owned a Pocket PC for many years, all my web apps are useless away from wireless access (most of the time). So if you are not near web access, than this thing is a "brick"!! If you could install internal apps/games, than at least you could use it away from the web.



Nice writeup except for one thing. The ipad is not...IS NOT...a phenomenon. Tablets have been in the works for years. It's just that apple decided to say --"Honey, I blew up the ipod!"-- before anyone else. So to say it's a phenomenon is just a really bad choice of an adjective.

 I have to PooP!



All other attempts at tablets were silly and half hearted until the ipad hype started then microsoft and google had a few good ideas which were caused by the ipad or islate as everyone thought it would have been called. None of these other good tablet ideas have made it to market yet and microsoft best one, the courier, was canceled.

 No other companies had the guts to create a product they weren't sure there was a market for. Its safe to say that without the ipad the only tablets wed have would be under powered laptops with twisting screens. Even though the have "full" OS' in my opinion thats actually a detriment since they aren't powerful enough to run most desktop apps and the ones that do run will be hard to use on a touch screen.

If the ipad had more video and audio codecs (as well as the capability to install new ones), an accesible file system and unrestricted application development(including a windows dev kit) I would call it a miracle device.

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