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Please keep writing these articles. Hopefully we might get lucky and some honest politician comes across them. We need some tech savvy politicians in the house and senate. Some day.



Calling it illegal and saying its circumvention by watching DVD movies on Linux is BS. Yes, the technology behind it does undo the encryption scheme to watch the movie(s), not everyone is going to steal the movies just because the technology is there. Copy machines can enable people to commit infringement...are *all* owners of copiers guilty? Probably not even 1%. If Big Media had their way, there would be no Internet. It's killed the music industry, and now it's starting to erode the movie industry, starting with theaters and rental shops. Oh, well, sh*t happens, and things evolve and never stay the same. They teach that in business school, don't they? Or did these losers forget what their profs stressed to them?

Oh, well, it doesn't hurt me that much, maybe not at all. First of all, most of the movies out there are stooooopid and have similar structure. Secondly, I don't really watch movies anymore and if I do, it's usually because my gf wants to and I just go find a Redbox station if and when (and usually doze off).



And with each law passed, I spend a little bit less on the media empire fueling such nonsense.  I find myself reading more paper books, enjoying more indie developed games, buying more bargin-priced entertainment, and generally learning how easy it is to live without the latest and greatest in media entertainment.  The list of most popular shows on TV reads like something written in a foreirgn language - meaningless to me.  I still have no idea what kind of music this Kanye West sings.  I don't even know what's at the theaters this weekend.  I haven't been on facebook in a week.  Being Human episode 7 didn't record properly on the DVR.  Being unable to find it online to watch, I've forgotten about the series already, even though the DVR is recording the new episodes.

Software copyright protections - yeah, whatever Evil Software Companies.  I got me a Linux Shotgun.



I already feel like I,ve got something long and slimey being rammed up my ass

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