Byte Rights: Outing ACTA



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A state run by big business is called facist.



for an army of Keanu Reeves "Johnny Mnemonic" types.  Que the talking dolphin.



I was under the impression that congress would have to ratify an international trade agreement like this. If thats not the case could someone tell me what the legal process behind such an agreement would be?



This is a great article.  Everyone needs to know about this kind of insidious, back-room, anti-democratic, freedom destroying crap.

Is someone downloading a copy of Battlefield2 or whatever really a matter of national security?  Why is it okay for someone from the RIAA to see these classified documents and be in on the discussions, but not for me or you? The world does not need this type of corporate globalization!



Wow, I seriously thought I would have seen 15 comments on this topic by now.  Folks, this 'Treaty' could completely change the transfer of information, and open you up to cavitiy searches of your life by The Ones In Charge, and 'no comment'?  Really?

Guess everyone will have to get their i-pods taken away first.



It would seem the greatest threat to America's rights and amendments is apathy. Alhough America has always suffered from that problem, in elections and most other matters. Nobody cares until the deed has already been done and instead of using preventative measures everyone goes into disaster recovery mode. Maybe nobody believes this sort of treaty could possibly be passed? Too bad that's exactly the sort of lax attitude that will get totalitarian treaties passed in the first place. Now a lack of comments on one thread hardly constitutes the whole of America's opinion, but it's one microcosm of America that shows a total disinterest of the topic at hand. Who knows what future will entail? Random sting operations confiscating iPods? Another case like Jammie Thomas? All I know for sure is that if a treaty like this gets passed it's one more feather in the RIAA's cap and it makes it that much easier for them to rule with their heavy-handed, ironfist tactics.

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