Byte Rights: Et Tu, Reporters?



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Newspaper columnists should have the same kind/quality of rights as movie or music makers...

I'm not a fan of blogs. I'm able to write long, meandering statement & opinions --myself, I'm not interested in too many other people's similar work.

Newpapers should have been way ahead on this stuff, and had the earliest on-line distribution models.

I'm sure at start-up, web publishing would cost more ---but a lot of papers had huge audiences to reach. Those people are still out there --and frequently a "local" classified AD is still better than eBay.

The 'papers just need to figure out how the sell it --and remember that they can't ask for $5/month from someone who won't even see 1/4 of what they release.

They're right, about needing the protection of Copyrights. I'm just not sure about the "don't summarize us..." thing. Are they going to start copyrighting sentences? (Will O.J.'s Fan get the Rights to "Absolutely, 100% not-guilty..."?)

Too many Newpapers got used to being "the only game in town," for a long time. Welcome to Free Market Capitalism.



Although I can get all of Max. PC's content online (downloadable PDFs) there's still a great value to me in actually having the physical magazine in my hands every month. Max. PC is the shining example of great Tech journalism, and I've been here all through the years it has transitioned into a small website with a few reviews on it into the major blog publication it is today, all the while keeping excellent material in the magazine, and equally excellent material in the blog. Great job guys! I've been a faithful subscriber for years, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. :-)



I agree with all but one point.  Journalism is dead.  Reporters just report willy-nilly whatever they want without checking the facts first.  I repeat, journalism is dead.



 my father, (reporter for the Record) would disagree.



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delete comment plz

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