Browser Extension of the Week: LastPass



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Reno Bill

I tried other password managers, but concluded that LastPass is far and away the best.  It's super easy to use, and the extra features, such as filling in forms with personal data or credit card info are very valuable.  I travel abroad frequently on business, where threats to your computer and internet accounts can be very high.  LastPass saves you from typing in passwords, and their on-screen keyboard thwarts keyloggers.  I recommend LastPass very highly.

BTW, they bought Xmarks, which does for bookmarks/favorites what LastPass does for passwords.  It automatically syncs bookmarks across multiple computers, such as (in my case) the desktop at home and the laptop for travel.  Totally painless, and secure.  Check it out at



I have to agree as well.    Last Pass has it in spades over RoboForm, especially where cross platform support is concerned.



I've been using LastPass for the last couple of months; and I've got say, it's 1000% better than Roboform ever was.

It's easy to install, set up, and use...overall it's child's play to use compared to others...and FREE!



Agreed. I love Lastpass.

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