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I have TVersity running on my Desktop. I added my YouTube playlists and favorites, as well as other channels' playlists. Once a day, it checks and downloads added videos.

I then have a Patriot Box office that can see the TVersity server as a PnP server. Can stream all the Youtube to my flatscreen, no broswer or keyboard required.



Brian Dowding

What if you subscribe to a YouTube Channel that you think is great but do not want to pay the bandwidth to stream the video every time you want to show someone something from that Channels site online?


Does anyone know a good downloader that will download all videos from a Channel in one stroke?  Preferable without changing the format of the file (no conversion)?


I agree that NetVideoHunter is better than this one, though.





Do not use this, as of 5/20/2011 this plugin does a hidden install (read that no method to remove), and out right changes (without permission) homepage to bing.   This plugin conflicts/crashes a variety of other plugin.


All in all a sorry plugin; I'm a quite surprised Maximumpc is continuing to advertise/endorse it... as it is one embarassing piece of near trojan/hijack ware.



The One-click Youtube Downloader that comes with Orbit (which works with other sites as well) is pretty good, but I personally like Video DownloadHelper, it doesn't hold on to previously viewed/listened content, and it works on Ubuntu. The only downside: It doesn't do RTMP content.



I’ve been using Orbit Downloader for quite some time. It works for multiple web browsers, including my current default web browser, Internet Explorer 9. With K-Lite Codec Pack and Media Player Classic installed, I don’t see any reason to convert from one format to another if I only want to watch it on my PC. Orbit Downloader works well with HTML5 videos too! So, does anyone out there know if this add-on will work for HTML5 videos? By the way, it seems like the ‘comments’ feature of this site does not work well in ‘Internet Explorer 9 standard mode’. I have to change the document mode to ‘Internet Explorer 8 standard mode’ to post this comment.

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