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Like the time Herb asked homer simpson to design the "car for the every day man".



"There's no time like the future."



im sorry but why do all "concept" cars all look like the designers smoked way to much weed before drawing up? is it just me or is most concept cars ugly as shit?like dont get me wrong i like the idea what there trying here but why make the car ugly as hell? i sure as hell wouldnt drive one of them nor ride in one of them just cause they look like they sat to close to a fire and melted. god damn they are ugly



The biggest problem with an "open source" car is the safety certification a car has to go through, Unless there's going to be some soft of blanket cetification for the base chassis/engine/exhaust/safety systems which then can't be modified, EVERY single version will need to be put through the government testing wringer.

And Keith...lighten up, man!



These are open concept cars, not a politically driven intentional affront to your delicate sensibilities.  As one of the reasons my dad had to give up his MGB Convertible for a Dodge Dart, I can say it's not a new problem. Someone in El Cerrito got lucky.

And by the way, were you out there complaining when the Bush administration  started writing those reports?  How about donating to the EFF to fight the Bush wiretapping and torture and other illegal shenanigans?  Its 12 weeks into the Obama administration and you're just now getting mad about the Bush administration?  You might have a lag problem, like about 8 years of lag.  I understand all the conservatives have left is rage and self pity but come on.


malibumike the Dart is a bad car.  As long as it wasn't a slant-6 4 door, I would take any Dart over the MG.  At least I fit in the Dart.



but if the cars are going to be that ass ugly then to hell with that


Keith E. Whisman

So I'm sick of the cars of the future are only for single people or people without children. I saw that smart car and thought what the fuck would I be able to do with that? That's what liberals want everyone to drive a 2 seat smart car. I've got 3 fucking children. 3 car seats that need to be secured down. And here is a clue, there are alot of people with children asshole, alot. So quit making these god damned smart cars that are super tiny and then telling the world this is the car of the future because it's a car I can never buy. How about designing the smart family car or would that go against liberal ideals that is pro abortion and anti family? Because that is what it comes down to.

Liberals have already labeled every american military an extreme right wing republican wacko. That is what one of the liberal politicians said.

This has everything to do about politics. When you see these cars of tomorrow they are all 2 seaters. The Obama administration put out requirements for US automakers to produce 2 seat electric and hybrid cars in order to recieve stimulus money. 2 seat just like everyone of those Open Source cars. 



 "[...] because it's a car I can never buy."

 Where are those 3 children gonna be in 18 years or less?

Never is a very long time.





and you have no friends? Family? Pets?


I agree these 2 seaker cars of the future asume that EVER DRIVER is basicly a lonly single, looser who would never under any circimstances need more then one extra seat. I don't know about you but i have atleast 2 friends...what if we all want to go somewhere together? you a bar, a movie, ComicCon? 



Your comments produce a great deal of shock and awe, Keith.  I don't even know where to begin.

On a side note, you do realize that you could open-source up your own 4-door sedan version of any of these cars?  Submit a design proposal!  Or a comment!  Or an idea!  Ahh, open source...




It's a consipracy. Simmer the heck down, it's concept cars, not the end all to your transportation problems.

Also lol @ politics. You're mixing things up a lot. You realize there's 1) Not only Americans in the world creating concepts 2) Not only American liberals, as you seem to imply...



A. Its just a step in the right direction.  Even the 1st combustion engine cars started out as 2 seaters and were only good for piddling around.

B. Condoms.



why do artists always think that futuristic cars have to look like gigantic baby toys?

you would definitely not catch me in one of these things.



You are so right!

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