Column: Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition is a Disappointment



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thats sad to hear, i hope they fix some items in patches or whanot, though, i highly doubt that will happen



XCOM:EU was not a good game. It was hugely flawed and didnt play as well on the PC as it did on the console



Bioware lost the original art assets for the gate games.

The do not have the 3d studio max/.obj files and models to render out new animations or anything else the entire game would have to be redone and that would cost a ton of cash and it would be a full price game.

They can't make new sprites or 3d models with out them since the infity engine does the donkey kong country style. they would have to be remade.


Business Direct

You were expecting something Earth shattering for $20? Seriously? BGEE has been everything I hoped it would be. Not a jazzed up re-imagining of the original but rather "the original" that I can install on a modern OS. Better yet what I had wanted 20 years ago was to play it while kicking back on the couch. Now I can with my tablet and that only costs $10 while also providing entertainment on trips. Sync the save game folders on your PC/Tablet with Dropbox and Baldur's Gate EE is a very old dream come true.



Earth-shattering for $20? That much hype, yeah. Shadow Complex was a new IP for $15 and it was. (Now if only Chair would finish SC2, release it, and put both on Windows Store.)



I agree that it's not an impressive offering, but comparing a 20(maybe it launched at 30) dollar game to a 60 dollar game falls a little flat. Beyond the lack of being fully voiced, I don't think BG1 is that aged at all. It literally features the same gameplay experience of DA:O for one thing. If CRPGs had made some crazy jumps and leaps since since BG2 I might agree with you on this, but they just haven't.



"The fussy combat and bland narrative is something for a younger, more tolerant era of computer gaming."

Interesting to point this out when the new XCom suffers from exactly this. Although it is true that Dragons Age and Mass Effect are better overall games but they also had massive budgets.

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