Chenbro Gaming Bomb II

Chenbro Gaming Bomb II

chenbro_gamig.jpgIt really is the bomb

Month Reviewed: March 2005
Verdict: 9 Kickass

Even though the original Gaming Bomb was as light on features as it was on the wallet, its successor is so replete with goodies, we’re declaring it one of the best cases we’ve ever reviewed.

Where to begin? For starters, the Gaming Bomb II’s all-aluminum construction makes it incredibly light, but it’s still pleasingly sturdy. What’s more, if you’re the LAN-gaming type, your chiropractor will appreciate the carrying handles mounted on top, while you’ll enjoy showing off your PC’s naughty parts via the large side window.

Thanks to a stellar design and tool-less drive bays, working with the GBII is practically effortless. Optical drives and hard drives lock down with the twist of a lever, and the removable motherboard tray and external PSU installation make inserting the tangly bits a profanity-free affair. But the coolest feature of the GBII is its removable six-bay hard drive cage and the ginormous 120mm fan dedicated to it. Once removed, the cage can be filled with the drives facing toward the motherboard or sideways toward the window for quick drive-swapping. It’s a simple innovation, but a welcome one nonetheless.

Cooling options consist of the aforementioned 120mm fan in front of the hard drive cage, a 120mm fan above the AGP slot for exhaust purposes, and an empty 92mm fan bay on top of the PC that uses a tool-less locking mechanism, so you can simply slide a fan into place and connect it for additional cooling.

Other notable features include front-mounted USB, audio, and FireWire ports, the ability to route power cables behind the motherboard tray for tidy wiring, and an overall elegant aesthetic that is decidedly more sexy than its predecessor.

Color us impressed. Our only gripe is that the GBII is not a full-size tower, which we think is necessary for ultimate dream machine configs. But as far as mid-towers go, this case is definitely a hit. --Josh Norem

+ Gaming: Tool-less, lightweight and sturdy, with cool features.

- Grooming:
Mid-towers in general aren’t suited for dream machine duty.



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