Catching Disc Dupers, Doggy Style

Catching Disc Dupers, Doggy Style

It's easy to deride the MPAA for being overly dramatic about piracy issues, but I have to say that recent real-world events involving disc-duping do-badders seem worthy of a Hollywood script.

The story began as family-friendly fare, with the MPAA announcing last year its plans to use specially trained dogs to sniff out smuggled shipments of duped discs. You could just imagine the precocious pups patroling the docks, pawing at suspicious-smelling cargo, and no doubt capturing criminals by their pant legs. It almost made the MPAA seem wholesome—far more so than the organization’s backing of an anti-piracy merit badge for Boy Scouts!

But the story has since taken an ugly turn, adopting Adult Themes, Violence, Cruelty to Animals, and Foreigners. According to an AP story I saw in the San Francisco Chronicle, two of the shaggy detectives—black Labs named Lucky and Flo—were on loan to Malaysia, where they sniffed out a haul of 1 million duped discs, and the smugglers there are pissed. They've reportedly ordered a hit on the pair of pooches, who are now being sheltered in a Malaysian safe house!

Is it long before the SPCA rappels in from a Black Hawk helicopter?!



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