Catch the Next Wave - of Vista SP1 (Updated)

Catch the Next Wave - of Vista SP1 (Updated)

Vista SP1 Now No Longer Only for the Favored Few

Yesterday, Microsoft released the All Language standalone downloads for Vista SP1, enabling users who need SP1 in languages other than US English, French, German, Japanese or Spanish (Traditional) to update their systems (36 languages in all). Choose your favorite installation method.

x86 (32-bit) Versions

The 32-bit x86 version is available as a 544.3MB executable file or as a 544.4MB CD ISO image.

x64 (64-bit) Version

The x64 version is available as an 873MB executable file.

Universal x86/x64 Version

Redmond also provides a "universal" 1418.1MB DVD ISO image that contains both the x86 and x64 editions. The DVD and CD image files use the .ISO extension.

Windows Update (updated 04-16-08)

The additional language packs are also available via Windows Update, but must be selected manually.

Catch the Correct Wave

If you're juggling five-language and all-language downloads of Windows Vista SP1, there's an easy way to tell which is which: the five-language downloads include wave0 as part of the filename, while the all-language downloads include wave1 as part of the filename.

For More About Vista SP1... sure to review our extensive coverage.


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Keith E. Whisman

I really can't wait to read that book.

And as for the rest of the story what comes to mind is... Do you speak Binary? Do you understand Botchi?

Yes I'm a Star Wars geek.

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