Can Someone Please Explain Why I Should Be Interested in Microsoft's Mesh?



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Though people also forget they have the option to just take their apps with them on a flash drive or external HD. With options like U3, Portable Apps and even MojoPac. Then the syncing abilities of those apps. Like I know I have all my Sunbird apps connected into my google calender and all my copies of firefox pull my bookmarks off of ^_^



Yea...thats what I want the ability to access MY files when MY computer is off.

A global mesh network would be a fine thing, IF and only IF....MY files remain secure. The entire world seems to be moving towards uber-sharing!

Can YOU say identity theft or NO privacy?

Oh I can't wait to store my Turbo Tax information on some strangers server.

The worst part...Microsoft is leading the way....
I continually have to beat WMP with an ugly stick to keep it from accessing the internet, when all I want is to play a song.

Mesh network...who cares? I want my files on MY comp and UNACCESSIBLE by anyone but me. Sure, I'll bet money MS guarantees secure file access....lolololololol!!!

In the 30 or so years I've worked on and with computers I have yet to see a truly secure system or network. Now all you sheep line up and say baaaaaa :/


Ross Snowden

I was thinking the same thing while watch the channel 10 video clip. In fact, I actually fell asleep, which says it all.

I'm wondering if this is going to be another one of those endless Microsoft Beta phases that take like a year to get out of Beta ... reminiscent of the whole "Windows Live" thing.

I find it odd that they would be offering Skydrive and Foldershare at all. Why not just combine everything into one comprehensive, easy to use package. Why does everything at Microsoft have to be so cut up into different application that basically do the same thing. I just don't get it either!

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