Byte Rights: the Deprivation of the Public Domain



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When I finished reading this article I was a bit surprised because I was looking for the second page.  I was expecting to read quotes and possibly interviews with experts from both sides and possibly about the efforts to over turn the laws that are keeping these works from entering the public domain.  Sadly there was no second page. 


PS - Get rid of the publish to Facebook box or at least disable it by default.  Enabling it by default is something that I'd expect a crapware publisher to do, not Maximum PC. 



I too was curious as to more info on this subject. Know what I did? I googled "The Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension"...and you can! Being a MPC reader, I am sure you have developed the skills needed to find things like least I hope. 5 sec of work opened a whole bunch of info.

And yes...please disable Publish To Facebook as default...very anoying.



YES!  Facebook needs to die.  In a fire.  Forever.

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