Bye, Bye Betas - Windows Live Suite Goes Live!

Bye, Bye Betas - Windows Live Suite Goes Live!

Tuesday, Microsoft took the wraps off production versions of its Windows Live Suite collection of software and services for Windows Vista and XP users, available since September in a public beta. So, what's new, and who's still waiting for Windows Live to come to their desktops?

New Ways to Connect with Windows Live

Windows Live offers four ways to connect:

  • Hotmail now features 5GB of storage, more customizable design (or you can stick with 'classic' Hotmail for now), integrated virus scanning and cleaning, easier junk mail handling, and Outlook-style previewing and drag-and-drop message organization.
    • Get inside the heads of Hotmail's development team at the Mailcall blog on Windows Live Spaces.
  • Windows Live Mail supports multiple email accounts including Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo premium, and others, integrated spam and virus filtering, access to Windows Live Spaces blogs and easy access to Windows Live Messenger IM from your inbox, for those times that email just isn't fast enough. Use it as the desktop interface for your favorite web-based and POP email services.
    • Dig into the thinking behind Windows Live Mail at the More Than Mail blog on Windows Live Spaces.
  • Windows Live Messenger supports text, voice, and video, works with Windows Live Contacts, and includes drag and drop file sharing.
    • Get the inside story on what's new in Windows Live Messenger from the Messenger Says blog on Windows Live Spaces.
  • Windows Live Toolbar adds Live Search to IE 6 or above, customizations with Windows Live Gallery, smart menus (highlight text to see them), instant maps, and easy addition of RSS feeds to your home page.
    • Find out how the Live Search team is working to figure out what your searches mean at the Live Search blog at

    To learn about new sharing and family protection features in Windows Live Suite, and who's still waiting to try Windows Live Suite, read on.



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This article reads like it was copied and pasted from a MS propaganda page, a paragraph slapped on the top, and a few (very few) comments were thrown in. It just seems lazy.



Well, there are a FEW interesting things here. But I'm not entirely convinced it will be worth all the muttle you'll have to go through to get to them. If I know MS, you'll soon be required to validate your OS before logging in. No doubt the next sp releases will add information and links about it to your OS as well (can anyone say msn explorer?).

Some will like the localization of multi-mail.
I like the family safety idea, but is it better than (or at least as good as) what's out there now (which we know isn't that great if you really want to get around it). Blog writer will appeal to some.

All the rest can be found in other places, and those places already have the market. So it's simply a localization tool (mainly of those places) with a few extras.

People who do all this stuff, don't necessarily care if it's in one place, and people who don't won't care.



There's no time like the future.



I think you're all looking for



I installed Windows Live Mail and hated it. It kept interfering with everything that I tried to do. It has more popups that the worst advertisers. It clutters up your tool bar and it keeps bugging you. I went to uninstall and had to delete six separate entries to get rid of that crap!



How much did Microsoft pay you for this?

Windows Live Messenger: One of the worst clients out there, ads, cluttered, almost totally uncustomizable interface, and a memory hog.

Hotmail: Horrible junk filter, spams you with regular "notification newsletter" telling you about some useless "new" feature that I got a year ago in some other, better, email service, and the stupid "Today" page, which is just an advertisement for celebrity crap.

Windows Live Toolbar? Are you SERIOUS?

There's so much more crap in that list, I could go on for hours. Gimme a break man. You're writing for Maximum PC. You're supposed to be promoting good software.

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