Butters Dignity Update: New Lows Approaching!

Butters Dignity Update: New Lows Approaching!

It's been almost three weeks since the last Butters Weekly Update, which means we've got a lot to cover. So sit down, take out a No. 2 pencil, and open your books to page 453, class.

First, and most importantly, the humiliation. I've been spending a lot of time in the photo lab the past week or so, contributing to our Holiday issue Geek Gift Guide. While I can't go into specifics, I can say that I will be featured nationwide in an outfit no grown man should ever wear. But it is for the good of the company, they tell me, and hey, I can always say I did it for the lulz. The Gift Guide is going to be fantastic this year, by the way.

In non-gifty news, yes, that is my latex-clad hand on the cover of the November issue, as well as the page 24 spread. Butters' domination of tech magazines continues - not since the heady days of PC Magazine a couple years ago have my hands been so prominent in the computer industry. Shares are going through the roof! Buy, buy, buy! Oh, and there's a 2-page review of the Dell XPS 720 H2C, also by yours truly.

Yes, I'm still working on the PDF Archives. But I'm also working on posting August, September, and October reviews on the magazine, so you'll excuse me if it takes a while. There is only one Butters, after all, and with Will and Gordon both out of the office, many things get foisted off on me. It's so quiet here without Will and Gordon. I don't know if I can handle it. I . . . I'm scared.

My rig in the labs is almost working, which is a plus - I've augmented the Abit Fatal1ty motherboard with an AMD A2 5000+ CPU and a nVidia 8600 GTS. Not the finest of parts, but free is a good price.

That seems to be about it. Don't forget to enter to win a date with Dave!




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With Gordon gone, I expected you to come back out on the podcast with some more Professor Chaos, Butters.



Very funny stuff.
Keep up the hard work, miss.

Love Linux and 3D Linux Games :)



You must have me confused with Lauren, the other intern, who was eaten by dinosaurs.

I am 105% dude, dude.



Damn, that's how they got rid of here?


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