Buffalo Nfiniti Draft-N Wireless Router

Buffalo Nfiniti Draft-N Wireless Router

Buffalo_DraftN.jpgA big yellow button on the Nfiniti’s box screams “Exceed Wireless Limits!” But in our experience, the only limit Buffalo managed to exceed is the one governing hype. This router, powered by Broadcom’s Intensi-Fi 802.11n-draft chipset, was not only shockingly slow, it also delivered extremely poor range.

Buffalo’s AOSS (AirStation One-Touch Secure System) is supposed to make setup as easy as pushing a button on the router and one in the matching notebook adapter’s driver software, but the mating ritual failed to consummate each of the five times we attempted it. Configuring the system manually was nearly as frustrating, thanks to third-rate documentation.

But the Nfiniti’s biggest deficiencies are throughput and range: Even at close proximity to the access point —within five feet—data transfers to the Nfiniti Wireless-N adapter in our notebook occurred at a measly 27.1Mb/s. Throughput dropped to a dismal 8.0Mb/s when we moved outdoors—and then our connection failed altogether. Pathetic.

Month Reviewed: September 2006

+ FILLINGS: AOSS works with the Nintendo DS!

- CROWNS: Slower than molasses in a Vermont winter; awful range.


URL: www.buffalotech.com



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