Browser Extension of the Week: Silence of the Celebs



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Roll Tide

too bad the chrome app store says it gets carte blanche access to everything you have done or will do online




You are just noticing that the media is distracting rather than useful? Where've you been the last 25 years? How about the last 3 to 5?

I murdered a mosquito yesterday.... No I didn't. That's insane. Running over a dog is NOT the same as running over a child. Beef and elephants are herd beasts, though different. Elephants tolerate being caged less than beef. They have soft feet, and are not kosher food. What's the deal? If I have pet fish, are you a "murderer" for eating fish? Crap, no. I would eat mine, if I had too. I hope that you would eat elephant if you had too.... If that Law of Moses thing doesn't get in the way for you. (No slur or slant intended. I recognize religious priorities as valid.)


Keith E. Whisman

Elephant meat tastes wonderful. It's like candy for the soul. It's not murder if your hunting. What he didn't eat, he gave to the local tribes people and they ate all the meat. Hunting elephant is freaking orgasmic. Don't knock it until you've tried it.



This is beautiful, man.  I am SO SICK of hearing about these loser celebrities and their ridiculous life-styles.  Could absolutely, completely care less.  Thanks for the heads up on this one!

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