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By the way, is Maximum PC aware of how shitty this website is!? Do you realize that comments aren't working on the latest versions of the three most popular browsers (IE9, FF4, Chrome10)!? I had to write this comment with IE9 in compatibility mode! Also, on the homepage, the page numbers across the bottom always disapear from time to time in every browser I've tried, and this has been going on for over a year now!

How can you call yourselves a tech website when your website itself is a piece of shit? It seriously gives you guys much lower credibility. How can I trust tech news from a bunch of guys who can't write a website? 



I just posted my last comment using firefox, now posting with chrome. The problem appears to be on your end.



Cregan89 - we actually hadn't heard about the comments problem- what kind of errors were you having? If you'll send details to, we're more than happy to look into it. As far as the page numbers disappearing, yes, that's been a problem we've been struggling with but it does appear to be fixed now; how recently did you have that problem last?

Regarding the rest of your comments: please be aware firstly that the people writing the content are not the same folks who program the website, so despite our vast knowledge of tech news, the industry and our awesome personal computing skills, we're not actually writing or working on the website. Also to be considered: working on an enterprise level website that's accessed by thousands and thousands of users, and dozens of administrators, is quite a different beast than working on a personal machine.

That being said, we do everything we can to provide great content and a solid experience for our readers, and we certainly appreciate you all being patient when we run into bugs. If you'll send us the details of the problems you've been having, we can get to work on fixing them.



Been using that extensin for some time and there are some site will not work properly if that thing is enabled. You have to experience with it and see which sites will work or not.

BTW, this site has 8 trackers and they are

  1. Comscore Beacon
  2. Doubleclick
  3. Facebook Connect
  4. Facebook Social Plugins
  5. Google Analytics
  6. Google Website Optimizer
  7. iPerceptions
  8. Sharethis


edit: Here is a example of site not working properly with Ghostery enabled. Go to

In each article, there is a discuss button and next to that is black bubble box. When Ghostery is enabled that bubble box is black out, when disabled you get to see how many comments were posted. To show how many comments are in it, you have to allow "Disqus".

According to Ghostery term on Disqus, it says

<quote>Disqus is a comment and discussion management platform that allows publishers to moderate conversations regarding content, across various social media sites. They also provide track backs and analytics reporting</quote?



I'd like to see it do more than just block data, because that is easy for websites to notice and 'disable' functionality at their site unless they get back the data they've requested.

I'd like to see this kind of app return random, bogus data.  That would bring an end to this kind of tracking.



I don't understand why people are always so up in arms about browser data tracking. It's not like they can track your name, address, email, credit card number, etc! Or even track any form data you fill in on the website! They can only check things like your OS and browser type, browser capabilities, used language, and your rough geographic location. It's not like Google has a database with your actual name on it listing every website you've visited or any searches you've made over the past year.

A lot of these trackers are actually just tracking large-scale market browser capabilities so that they can, for example, drop IE6 support from their website once usage get's low enough, or move to a fully dynamic web page once Javascript support is consistent enough. This information greatly improves your experience on the internet and provides no harmful personal information to anybody. These companies want market trends, they don't give a crap about individual user data.

In the worst case, browser tracking is used for directed ads. These trackers may use your ROUGH location or language to provide you with ads for products or services that are at least available to you in your location. Or to provide you with ads that are popular in your area. But what is wrong with this!?? Would you rather Japanese ads for some restaurant in Japan when you're from the US?

The fact is, free websites like MPC, Gmail, YouTube, FaceBook, (the list goes on for miles) only exist because of ads. By making ads more relevant to their users, and therefore more effective, they can offset their service costs with fewer and less abtrusive ads. Everybody wins.

By using ad blockers, tracker blockers, and data spoofing, you are hindering the progression of the internet by corrupting market browser capability data, and you are making the entire online advertisement model worse for people who aren't free-loaders.



EXACTLY!!! I use NoScript, which blocks everything, and most web sites are designed not to deliver content if their can't place their tracking cookies or otherwise monitor your use.



Really? I'm using Keep My Opt-Outs on google chrome. I blocked, (and subdomains),,, and I only allowed and Yet I'm posting this comment right now. That doesn't seem to affect the site's functionality at all.

Also, as for what the poster above said with this website being shitty, I'm using Chrome 10.

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