Bring Out the GIMP Part 1: GIMP Basics



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older gal
Thanks for your post of 6/29/07! Please do more! I'm new to image manipulation and want to use it for scrapbooking (don't laugh) I do have some art in my lengthy background and want to work with many years of photo collections but don't wamt to accumulate boxes and closets of scrapbooking tools. I want to bring my accumulation to the 21st century. The ability to use GIMP in "layman's terms" will do this.

Keep up the good work!



Ya forgot to tell people where and how to get the GIMP for Windows and Linux:

For Windows:

Also, if you are running Linux, it usually comes as part of the distro, but if it doesn't, you can get the latest Linux version at:

Notice one is WINGIMP and the other is GIMP.



wait... back it up. give us a paragraph on how to run the program before jumping straight into cropping. you said "load an image", but how? I'm lost



For about 2 months now I've been running Ubuntu instead of M$ Windows. Since I do a lot of web development on the side an essential part of that is image editing. Thank you and please keep the basic tutorials coming!



thanks for your coverage of GIMP. another free graphics program, Inkscape, for vector drawing, is also a delight. here's a youtube video i recently created showcasing some of the best graphics created using inkscape.

an excellent way of learning inkscape is to search youtube for inkscape to find a number of very well done screencasts (tutorials) created by inkscape enthusiasts.

the most interesting of these screencasts that i've seen is this one, Photo Popping Fun.



Gotta' love the price advantage using the Gimp! Keep the Linux articles coming! I'm a total convert. No more Winblows!! No more wasting time updating security software and scanning for viruses. Just enjoying my 'puter time!

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