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I personally love BitDefender. Seems to be the only one that doesn't slow my system down, and BTW, PCMag gave BitDefender a 4/5  and PCWorld gave it a 4.5/5 and is in its "Top 10." So I'm not sure where jackjack is getting his info from.



Based upon your review, I bought 4 licenses.  What a total waste of money!!!   I can't believe you actually even tried to use this P.O.S.  


It has completely destroyed any faith I formerly had in Maximum PC's antivirus reviews - or at least any reviews by this author.

It is impossible to know even where to begin describing this disastrous product.  Just imagine any conceivable problem with a software product, and this one will have it.


I sent over 20 requests for tech support to try to deal with the problems it has -- I never received ANY response from them. 

I want to know WHO at maximum PC is actually using this piece of garbage software on their own personal computer.    ANYONE???     It thought not.


So how does this work?  Are you taking bribes for the high rating?   OR just stoned? 



Since I am coming to the end of my license with my current VP software and have been less than satisfied with the product. So, based on your review in last months MPC, I removed my regular internet security suite and installed this piece of garbage called Bitdefender, for test purposes of course. The software was easy to install and seemed comprehensive. So I left it on my system for about a week.

The reason that I finally uninstalled it is that my mouse started to feel like I was pushing through a bowl of Jello. Something seemed to be fighting me. It became impossible to get the pointer to hit the target and when I moved the pointer diagonally it would stop and go. The only time I have ever experienced anything like this was after my system had been infected with the 'Stoned' virus, many, many years ago. Or when Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky etc. had misbehaved. I have used all of these packages through the years and all had their failings.

As I fought with this issue I considered the possibility that  I had a bad mouse or something was eating system resources or I had inadvertently installed some kind of malware. Well the mouse was fine and  the malware turned out to be Bitdefender. Once I uninstalled BD using the company's very own uninstall (rootpuller) software my system returned to normal. WTF?

The thing that bothers me the most about virus protect software, aside from having to buy it at all, is when it does its best to act just like the thing that it is advertised to prevent. At no time did my Task Manager show any abusive use of CPU or system resources, yet BD totally screwed the performance of my system. So it would seem that the AV programmers have discovered a new trick, a way to hide their screw ups from task manager so the end user can't determine what is sapping their system resources.

Since the only other AV suite that you give high marks to is Norton and my experience with that product was so heinous that they could advertise free money and hugs with every purchase and... well you know.....well.. I guess I'll just renew with my current AV company. Too bad.



How is it that both PCWorld and PCMag diss Bit Defender IS 2011 and MximumPC does not. Those mags find that BitDefender is not as good in stopping viruses as is Norton and Kapersky and that has a less friendly user interface than Norton. What gives?

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