Bill Watkins Versus the Solid-State Drive



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He seems to think he is being interviewed by Forbes or something, all this talk about how Samsung is where the party is, if it is a viable market then he's there.

Note to MaxPC: Interview a VP next time, one less concerned about how he makes Samsung sound to investors, and more concerned about how he makes Samsung sound to enthusiast consumers.



You forgot, "No reshpect, no reshpect at all! Nyuk nyuk nyuk." I agree with you on the PR dept forming his responses. CEO's should never be caught using double-negatives twice in a row.



So, did this guy say anything that was actually informative? All I'm taking away from this is: 1) "We don't care what the technology is, if it'll sell drives then we'll develop it." and 2) "DON'T STEAL FROM ME, YOU SSD BITCHES!" And it took him three pages to say that? This guys needs to consider having the PR department write his responses for him.

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