Better Late Than Never: Windows XP SP3 Finally Hits the Web



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Douglas Nye NyeCo Computers
If you install SP3 with a spyware program like Spybot that wants your approval for system changes, you may want to turn it off while you install SP3.
It is a pain to go through 20 approve and remember this action popups!



I think the article is trying to convey, that if you want to be able remove IE7 and revert back to IE6, you have to install service pack 3 first and then install IE7.

Other sites, computerworld, eweek, infoworld are saying that you run the sp3 installer over sp2 and ie7 just fine, you loose the ability to revert back to ie6.

Since IE7 has been well released through windows update and auto installed, it would be a gross oversight to have to remove ie7 prior to installing service pack 3



I installed it today on my desktop with only one quickly resolved problem. My laptop is Vista; when I tried to use the printer attached to my desktop, my laptop demanded that the printer driver be re-installed.

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