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I thought at one point in time, that you kept the Best of the Best column updated on a monthly basis, so as you made new reviews, you would update with it. What ever happened to that concept?


Lord Chrome

I read your information on the Asus’s EN8800 GTX and I noticed you put it in your new bench mark system in SLI with a pair of GTX’s. But in your review of the best motherboard you chose the P5E3 Deluxe motherboard and decided not to go with SLI. Because the single card is so damn fast and the benchmarks with the QX9650 and QX850 were in the 200 to 350 FPS range. The benchmarks for the GTX GTS and GT cards in SLI are showing 99-111 for the GTS in SLI and 65-95 in SLI for the GTX range why is this? One problem I saw is some of the reviews done on the 8800 GTS and GT are with and with anti lasing or AA and shadows set at different levels and sometimes not at all. It would be nice to see a consistent review of the 8800 GT, GTS and GTX in the benchmark system and with the QX9650 and QX850 with the DRAM 3 and everything engaged to see which configuration is the best solution. I could also see if the price justification is worth it like you guys did with the 8800 GTX and the ultra which clearly show the increased price does not justify the small performance gain. But I’d really like to see the difference in the QX950 and QX850 if those numbers are that high why bother with SLI at all. It would seem like the single card with quad and DDR3 ram is three times faster? But I also heard that the eye can only see about 30 FPS any thoughts?



Hi Link,

This story was from the December 2007 issue, which means it was written in September or early October.

Neither the GT nor the new GTS were out then.

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