Belkin's Brilliant Print Server



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Belkin network usb hub is PERFECT! Can share many printers, scanners etc. As stated above, you have to install the software on every pc wanting to connect to the printers. But you do not have to connect them and then remember to disconnect them in order for someone else to be able to use them. This can be made automatically for you if you set the printers as shared printers from the Belkin software. :)

 Enjoy this brilliant product!



Not to sound like a fanboy, but I have a Network USB hub and it's awesome.

The network usb hub allows printing, scanning, memory card access, Ink level monitoring and all the functions of MFPs.

It also connects almost any other USB peripheral to the network. It's so nice. I hate having to connect all my USB devices with cables every time I want to use them and this product makes it so I don't have to.

Also, there is a printer auto-connection feature so that you don't have to manually connect and disconnect when printing contrary to the review.

I highly recommend it and I agree it's a great way to share printers and other devices.



i had that problem but i just spent an extra $50 when i got a new printer and got a network one and i dont have to waste my time worring what device has control of the device it just works with our any worries and it is not even confused by the multitude of network connections on my pc



If you want to share a scanner or all-in-one unit's scanning capability over a network, check into RemoteScan at

Check your scanner or all-in-one's support at

It works with Vista, also. offers a five-station version of RemoteScan for $95. Go to for more information (the standard RemoteScan product starts at ten stations and up).
It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.



...and while I love it, it just doesn't work with multifunction units like my Canon MP530. To use it, I'd have to give up scanning and faxing, which is a big bummer.

I guess I should have just spent more money on a multifunction unit that has its own server built in - but I don't think that would work with scanning anyway.

Seems like someone would have figured this all out by now to help those of us of limited deskspace.

I'd love to see follow on article on how the Belkin works for MF units, seeing as though you had to throw one away to use it.




Thanks for finding the "missing link" needed on so many home and small-office networks. I'm going to be moving to a new office soon, and I'm looking forward to getting my printers off my PCs and onto the network directly.

I'd like to see a follow-up discussing any issues you had in using the shared-storage feature. Does it also require a connect-use-disconnect method to prevent one PC from hogging the storage? Some previous shared-storage devices have done so.
It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.

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