Before You Install Vista SP1, Make Sure Your Software's Ready



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Several years I made the switch to Zone Alarm Security Suite after being a long time Symantec user. It worked great. Then I built a new computer and installed 64-bit Vista Home Premium.

When I purchased and downloaded Zone Alarm Security Suite, I was rudely awakened by the fact that they'd neglected to state on their site that it's NOT compatible with 64-bit XP or Vista, and that they have no plans of releasing a version that is. So much for due diligence. I wrote them to express my disappointment with their decision, and didn't receive so much as a simple acknowledgement. At least I got a refund.

Now I'm back to using Symantec, no thanks to Trend Micro. I wonder how many other customers have been written off. If Symantec and many other companies have been able to produce versions of their software compatible with 64-bit OS's, what's Trend Micro's problem?



If you're using a Zboard keyboard, be sure to take a look at the forum thread provided by dtanderson. It looks as if we need to run the problem app count up to 13. Keep us updated!
It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.



The Zboard software for the Zboard gaming keyboards. I have problems with the application under Vista 64 with SP1 installed. It worked fine before SP1.

Others are having the problem also if you look in their forums. Here is one posting :P)




i have the same problem like u with my zboard and vista x64 ..i tried vista x 64 with sp1 but zboard driver doesn t work..after 5 minutes or 2 windows show me one eror with zboard closed or debug this eror... is a answer for that?

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