AVADirect Core 2 Duo SLI Gaming System



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My Experience with AVA direct was somewhat sound. It was nice to customize my rig the way i wanted from the start. They have plenty of options to choose from possible making your buying decisions some what harder than you thought :).
Order experience was good, i contacted before purchase and they were prompt to respond with answers.
Once the order was placed it took 18 Working days before they shipped my order. Which i understand why it took 4 days longer then their stated policy of 10-14 days for custom configurations due to coming off the holiday season working in a manufacturing myself.
My order arrived in great condition. They over packed my computer in a box in box. They also packed foam in the computer case it's self which was a nice touch to make sure nothing got jarred loose in transit.
I got exactly what i ordered, also included all the parts left over from the build in side the motherboard box including all the manuals and software. Although a fan bracket from the P182 case i ordered was broken, but it is a little use for my system.
Out of the box and powered up in minutes. Loaded right into Vista smooth. Glad to see no garbage programs like other vendors like to force on you. Was playing Crysis that night with no problems.
After a week of burning the midnight oil, i have a few crashes, all Vista related, nothing that the company could be a fault for.

-Excellent part selection
-Quality assembly
-Packaged and Shipped Well
-Prompt responses
-Quality Control
-No Bloated OS!

-You have to be proactive as the status of your order
-Windows sticker on the side of the case

Over All i am 98% satisfied with my purchase. Why not 100, well 2 days after i placed my order i came across Leadcomp.com which resides at the same address as AVA and has virtually the same configuration options... but that site was $30 cheaper for the same configuration.

For pics of my build, head to http://www.gamespot.com/users/deadwolf13/images

Last note if you really want someone to build you a computer they way you want it but not at an outrageous price, then AVAdirect/Leadcomp are the way to go.

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