Auvi Phip65 Skype Phone

Auvi Phip65 Skype Phone

Remember those boxy, bigger-than-your-fist cellular phones of yesteryear? While Auvi’s Phip65 Skype phone isn’t as large as those elder monstrosities, the device matches their antiquated design almost to the letter. In short, the Phip65 is an ugly, ugly cordless phone. It works well, with a few caveats, but a dressed-up pig is still just that. A pig.

The phone contains the standard set of features you’d expect to find in a typical Skype-themed phone—you can make calls via Skype, obviously, but you can also plug the phone’s base right into a wall jack if you want to use it with your landline connection as well. The phone allows you to access your Skype contact list from a pretty hefty range—we walked 100 feet away from the base, and the phone was still going strong.

So, what then is this unit’s major malfunction? It’s more than just its ugly monochrome screen. The Phip65 takes a ridiculous amount of time to charge; we never got to full bars, even after letting the thing rest on its stand for eight hours. Also frustrating is the lack of interoperability between the phone’s Skype and normal modes. You can’t easily migrate or sync up your Skype contacts with the device’s shared and private phone books, or vice versa.

The phone’s menus are clunky and slightly cumbersome to navigate. And we might be sticklers, but the device is also somewhat awkward to hold; it’s akin to talking into a board that you’re pressing against your ear. If sound quality is your sole concern, at least the Phip65 does well in that department, but it’s hardly a dealmaker.

It’s not a complete stinker; the Phip65 is a device that looks crappy yet ultimately succeeds at its overall mission. But there are better options out there, so we’re still not biting, and neither should you.


Great range! And... it... has buttons. That one uses for... dialing. Uhhh...


Kittens weep at the ugliness of this phone, frustrating lack of synchronicity between the phone's Skype and "normal" modes, recharge time is akin to climate change.




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