Audioengine A2 Speakers



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I think the volume limit should be expected at 1/3 the size.  They should have got the kick-ass.  Only my opinion.



I remember on being on Ferienparks urlaub in Germany where I met some people with Audioengine A2 Speakers.They told us a lot about them and said: Wenn ihr mal schon in Ferienparks unterwegs seit, dann ist es auch gut einen Blick auf die Audioengine A2 Lautsprecher zu werfen, die machen so einen schönen ferienparks deutschland urlaub gleich zu etwas besonderen, da der ganze Sound da auch besser rüber kommt. So etwas ideal für alle die gern mal auf Ferienparks unterwegs sind. We spent almost a week with these guys and they told us everything about the Speakers. Recommended from me.



I bought these speakers prior to this review and they sound great, for a while.

I'm in the process of my second RMA on these. So far I've experienced a short out on the first pair, and then buzzing and an eventual complete collapse on the second pair.

I really like these speakers and the price point but I can't recommend them until they get their Quality Control together.



Just send them back and get a refund. Then put your money on a pair of Genelec 8020A Bi-Amplified speakers (monitors). I've had my pair for over six months of stunningly accurate and beautiful sounding music. Jazz, classical, rock, R&B, including movies, it all sounds fantastic. If you really want to cook, Genelec has a companion subwoofer model 7050B. I use Music Interface Technologies cables and a Monster Cable Y cable to connect everything up. And they look choice too. I give them a 10+ Kick ass rating.

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