ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT Benchmarks



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I went to buy a 2900 radeon at 3 stores checking out pricing.
When I noticed that those stores had the card I wanted, but they were all returns APROX 9-10 BOXES no new ones. The reasons for returning are....
"not giving the benchmarks quoted"
"Poor quality, not fast enough"
Then I looked for specs and benchmarks on pages like this one. they only show one or two games that out bench Nvidia. But Nvidia seems to out bench on dozens of other games that Ati dont benchmark with.
I wanted a Ati, but after what I have seen with the returns, I DONT WANT ONE!!



Everytime we've used an ATI(pre AMD merger)they work fine for a few months and then just crap out. And I'm not talking their low end stuff either.

Now that they've merged with AMD, I just might actually make a change in my purchase process. Because every AMD chip I've owned has NOT crapped out. If AMD can put a solid chip on the ATI boards and they run those kinds of speeds I will think long and hard whereas before there wasn't even a glance in their direction. Come to think about it I'm off to compare pricess now.

"If at first you don't succeed... Shoot the summabiotch. Problem solved."



Until DX-10 games are release, I don't see the point getting a DX-10 card, for now.



by Michael Brown

When you’re the lead dog, the only thing the rest of the pack sees is a bull’s-eye. And the folks behind in AMD’s ATI brand have been staring at that target for more than two years.
Having failed to defeat their graphic rivals the high end, AMD has lowered its sights to focus on the middle range—the price point where they figure most people actually buy new videocards.

* by Geot: !WTF i know Nvidia 8800 GTX has a lot better performance than this new ATI HD 2900 XT and i know you guys is alway about supreme power but you dont see the other side of the face, hell and hell i bet you i will`nt have any problems running Crysis with most settings up using this new ATI video card, who needs a lamborghini when you can have a corvette to get to the same place without lossing playable performace in a game,i think this video card will be able to run smoth performance in most of direcxt 10 games, why the heck do i need more,unless someone invent a game that is not playable in any fricking machine and what about the price dont you see why they have this price this product is approaching not only to gamer but for movies entertaiment enthusiast with digital video and sound solutions, i know AMD/ATI is late with this product but it wont take that long when they begin to bring more powerfull video cards to the market that way you can be happy, the problem with you people its a little of arrogance with Nvidia cards......



its nice to see the frames comparison, it is all that matters. now id like to see one of these companies just absolutely blow the competition out of the water with a performance breakthrough. after all anyone buying these cards aren't looking to improve the performance in solitaire, hearts or pokerstars.



Ha,Ha,Ha I dont know but i been reading Maximun PC for the last two years and every time ATI bring something new to the market Maximun PC magazine always write negatives article against ATI products, what are you ATI haters guys.....?



I think that AMD's choice to go for the midrange is good for now - it's better to have something than nothing at all. The price will probably drop as there are more available.

I don't think the staff @ MPC are ATI haters. They've given them some favorable reviews, especially for the budget cards (the x800 XL and the X1950 Pro come in mind), and I remember that the 9800 dominated the best card list for awhile back in the day. They just give the truth, that's all.



The card comes with a DVI->HDMI adaptor that will provide the video and audio of HDMI. Also a 1GB version of the 2900 will be released at some point.



lol...that's funny, especially from a company that was planning to release a 1GB DDR4 2900XTX, before they saw that it preformed so poorly that it was defeated by the XT most of the time. I'm curious, though...I see 2 DVI ports, and HDCP support. Does this mean I don't need HDMI? Otherwise, instead of buying a new monitor for HD stuff, I'll just get me anyHDDVD-and give the MPAA the finger!!!!!



I think this is a good move on AMD's part. For users who enjoy HD movies and want to view them on their PC's, this would be a good choice.

Also, you mentioned that since AMD is only attacking the mid-range series of cards, so what are they to do when the GTX drops to mid-range? Simple, release an updated version of the current GPU, or release a new one. AMD has had plenty of time to research the GTX and find ways to come out with better products. If they always stay one step behind Nvidia, they can come out with a more reliable, efficient, and better costing product.

I think they have the right idea here.

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